5 Dead Space Remake Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

The reinterpretation of the next generation of the USG Ishimura hides many secrets. Some Dead Space remake Easter eggs return from the 2008 original, albeit somewhat remixed while others are brand new. Here are some of the stranger secrets and shouts in the 2023 remake.

It’s an Egg Hunt: The Easter Eggs of Dead Space Remake

A few of the big mysteries in Empty room need and have received their own guides. One is the new location of the mysterious peng treasure, A serial running gag; Another is how to get them new alternate ending.

There are a few other things you might have missed in the Ishimura, however, and that’s what this guide is for. Here’s what to do and where to track down some of the smaller details in the remake.

The Ruff

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You could walk past it a few dozen times without realizing it, and even if you do, you might not realize that it’s a nod to another EA franchise. On the reception desk on the bridge deck (top right) is a toy robot that is clearly a L5 brushwood Ruff out of Battlefield 2142except for the number on the side.

The fate of Ariel Rousseau

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In the weeks leading up to Empty room Following the remake’s release, fans were able to visit a branded Instagram account, @thabench Play an alternate reality game. Here you would help that Ishimura‘s Chief Engineer Ariel Rousseau (s/he) to get ship communications going again.

Until you achieve that Ishimura However, Rousseau is absent from the remake and Jacob Temple was appointed acting chief engineer in her place. This follows the events of the original game in which Rousseau was never identified but was just as absent.

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To find out what happened to Rousseau you need to find her RIG, which is also one of the requirements for the side mission.You are not eligible.”

This is possible once you have reached security level 3. At this point, you can return to the engineering deck and open a locked door in the engine room. An audiolog alongside Rousseau’s RIG tells you everything you need to know about her ultimate fate. Spoilers (not really): It’s not good.

Glen Schofield cameos

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Glen Schofield was the executive producer of the original Empty room. He then left his original developer, Visceral, previously dead space 2 came out to take on a co-directing role in 2011 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. Most recently, and famously, Schofield directed 2022 Empty room spiritual successor, The Callisto Protocol.

The Empty room Remake still has some shoutout to Schofield. The easiest to spot is in hydroponics, where Schofield can be found on one of the Ishimura Farms advertising posters. It’s on the wall at the bottom of the elevator from the tram station.

Schofield’s name also reportedly appears on the underside of Isaac’s plasma cutter. It’s hard to find an angle in the game where you can see it, but the cutter is a Schofield Tools product.

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The “indecipherable” text log

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In the spirit of 2002 resident Evil Remake had a few subtle references to later entries in the series that Empty room Remake has many subtle references to the original game’s sequels and spin-offs. This contains dead space 2, dead space 3, extractionand the 2008 animated film, demise.

On your first release Empty room, They unlock a couple of new text logs that can be found in the Side Missions tab of Isaac’s Journal at startup New game+. One of these text logs is written in the “marker language” you’ve seen all over the ship, particularly on the crew deck, and is marked “undecipherable.”

It turns out that despite its name, this protocol is actually decipherable. Reddit users have decrypts the log to discover that it is a twelve-line, three-stanza poem that appears to relate, at least indirectly, to the 2013 plot dead space 3.

A second reference to DS3‘s storyline can be found throughout the side mission “Willful Misconduct”.when Mercer’s subject is recorded saying something about what could be DS3‘s Brethren Moons. This all suggests that Motive Studio plans to recreate the entire original Empty room Trilogy, including the somewhat unpopular third game.

Call transfers of other series

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  • In the secure storage area on the Engineering Deck, you can enter Storage Room 2 when you are on the Side mission “Scientific Methods”.. One of the two audio transcripts you can find here (pictured above) is a recording of a conversation between Nicole and Isaac that played during the 2011 launch dead space 2.
  • Another text log you receive upon completing the game, Unexpected Visitors follows the arrival of four characters – Weller, McNeill, Murdoch and Eckhardt – who make up the main protagonists of the 2009 Wii Rail shooter Dead space: extraction. Weller and Murdoch were later the protagonists of the disconnected DLC for dead space 2
  • The protagonist of Dead space: sinkingAlissa Vincent, is mentioned by name in a text log from Chapter 12 entitled “Retrieval Order”.
  • Jacob Danik, the antagonist of dead space 3 and the 2013 graphic novel Empty room: liberationmakes a possible cameo appearance in the “Last Will and Testament” text log when one of the Unitologists testifies to the will of Isaac’s mother (image below).

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Whether that means the whole thing remains to be seen Empty room Series will get the Motive studio treatment, or if this is just a shout out to all the fans that kept it Empty room Hype alive for 15 years. I guess we’ll have to wait to find out more.

These are some of the Dead Space remake easter eggs maybe you missed However, there are a few more in the break room, and we have dedicated an entire article to them. If you are looking for more tips, our guides hub may have what you are looking for.

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