7-Star Inteleon Raid Announced for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Inteleon makes its first appearance in a raid Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It will be released from April 27th at 5pm PST to April 30th at 4:59pm PST and again between May 4th at 5pm PST and May 7th at 4:59pm PST. Here’s what we know about the 7 Star Raid with Inteleon.

Inteleon will be the Ice Tera type and will come with the Mightiest Mark for defeating. You can fight Inteleon as many times as you want in Black Crystal Tera Raid Battles, but you can only catch it once per save file. Defeating Inteleon will reward you with Treasures, EXP Candy, and Ice Tera Shards.

Inteleon, the final form of Sobble, is the second of the final evolutions of the Galarian starters to be featured in a 7-star raid. Cinderace, the final evolution of Scorbunny, released in early 2023 and was the second 7-star Raid Battle in which it took place Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Inteleon is the first Ice Tera type to appear in a 7-star Raid Battle.

This is the eighth 7-Star Raid Battle, following the Mighty Typhlosion event. It is the first time since its inception that two 7 Star Raid Battle events will be held back-to-back. This could be the reason why the Typhlosion event didn’t have a lower star level follower like the other starters from its region.

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Featured image via The Pokemon Company International.

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