Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp Emerges From Shadows for Spring Launch

After more than a year of uncertainty, Nintendo has revealed this Advance Wars 1+2 Reboot Camp will finally see the light of day. Originally slated for a late 2021 release, with a slight delay in early 2022, the Russian invasion of Ukraine put those plans on hold. Certainly an understandable decision by Nintendo.

Now Andy, Max, Sami and the gang are ready to unleash war on Switch consoles. The small trailer that accompanied this announcement was set for April 21, 2023 and didn’t really contain anything new. Everything there is to know pre-warswe already knew during the first marketing phase of Nintendo.

Re-boot camp is a remake of the first two Game Boy Advance games pre-wars Series. Similar in execution to fire sign, pre-wars is a strategy game where you play war with cute depictions of tanks and soldiers. Events like severe weather or big bosses can thwart your plans.

It’s nice to see that pre-wars will finally see the light of day on the Switch.

This story evolves. Featured image via Nintendo.

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