Aliens: Dark Descent Gets Extended Gameplay Overview Trailer

The latest trailer for Aliens: Dark Descent gives an in-depth look at the future of real-time tactical action gaming. Featuring information on classes, troop movements, your home base and more, the trailer consists of over five minutes of gameplay with commentary. Less than a month before the June 20 release Aliens: Dark Descent sets out to kill.

While a short gameplay trailer was released back in March, this trailer is twice as long. Beginning with your landing on Lethe, or rather your crash, your squad must contend with Xenomorphs, new alien hybrids, and the agents of the greed-focused Weyland-Yutani Corporation. Since this is a strategic, squad-based, real-time tactics game with horror elements, all your decisions will have lasting consequences for the game. Think carefully, because mistakes made in combat can mean the ultimate death of your squad and later affect the game as well.

New footage shows us two out of five classes in the game, the Medic and the Gunner. Gunners excel at taking out hordes of enemies, while the Medic is vital to maintaining health and sanity. You read that right. In the fight against acid-bleeding aliens, you not only have to worry about your squad’s health, but also their sanity.

To help you, you have the Otago, your base in space. Here you can take care of your crew’s morale to make sure they stay nice and sane. Not only do you take care of your marines, but you can also promote them to new roles to unlock special class features. You can also use the Otago to research new technologies, replace fallen squad members, and install upgrades for your team.

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When you’re back in the fight, you’ll need to make decisions quickly. The pace of the game is high, even if strategic decisions have to be made. To deal with this, you can slow down time to consider your options without being completely eaten up or claimed by facehuggers. Outside of combat, you can hack facility doors, weld doors shut to protect your back, or set up motion cameras. Don’t worry, these are more advanced than the ones in aliensThis gives you time to prepare your marines for battle.

Aliens: Dark Descent appears to be the next level in tactical gameplay and a new direction for the game extraterrestrial video game series. It is available to pre-order now and will be available on June 20th for Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC.

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