All Central Starskiff Haven Chest Locations in Honkai Star Rail

Once you complete the Belebog storyline Honkai: Starway, travel to the flagship Xianzhou Luofu. The first area you will visit is Central Starskiff Haven. There you’ll find 13 treasure chests, with locations spread across the relatively small area. If you’re looking for loot, credits, and other useful items, be sure to seek them all. Our guide below shows where to find all of the chests in Central Starskiff Haven, including a full list of the rewards you’ll receive.

Honkai Star Rail: Where to find all Starskiff Haven Central Chests

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  1. In the northwestern part of the map, at the end of the street.
  2. In the central, northernmost area, on the ledge.
  3. In the same central north area of ​​Chest 2, in front of the ledge.
  4. In the western area, between the crates.
  5. Down the stairs and behind them, just east of chest 4.
  6. In the middle part of the map, near the exit.
  7. In the eastern part of the map, next to crates with the blue vase.
  8. In the same east area as chest 7, at the end of the ledge.
  9. In the middle of the map, over the bridge.
  10. In the middle part of the map, at the top of the stairs near the guard, east of chest 9.
  11. In the southwest area, hidden in the shadow of the building.
  12. In the southwest area, at the top of the stairs, south of chest 11.
  13. In the southwest part of the map, next to a pot of flowers, south of chest 12.

All 13 Starskiff Haven Treasure Chests contain the same types of loot in the same amounts, including Trailblaze XP, Stellar Jade, Adventure Logs, Lost Gold Fragments, Strale, and Credits. Once you’ve found and opened them all, you’ll get the following rewards overall:

  • 65 Trailblazer EXP
  • 65 Star Jade
  • 39 Adventure Journal
  • 39 Lost Gold Fragment
  • 65 rays
  • 9,100 credit
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There you will find all the chests in Central Starskiff Haven Honkai: Starway. stay tuned for more Honkai: Starway Tips and Tricks article right here.

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