All Dredge Trophies and Achievements List

Dredge, the indie Lovecraftian fishing steeped in psychological horror, has many trophies and achievements to unlock. Some revolve around catching a certain number of fish, while others ask you to research specific rods and fishing gear. And you must do all of this while managing your own panic. Here are all the trophies and achievements you can unlock Dredge.

How many trophies and achievements are there in Dredge?

There are 40 trophies on PlayStation, including one platinum trophy, eight gold trophies, eight silver trophies and 27 bronze trophies. Fourteen of these trophies are hidden. There are also 40 achievements on Xbox and Steam, 14 of which are hidden, resulting in 1,000 Gamerscore.

Here are all the trophies or achievements that can be earned Dredge. Please note that these may contain spoilers, particularly those related to the story or hidden.

All Dredge trophies and achievements

  • From the Deep (Platinum): Obtain all other trophies
  • introductions: Complete the introductory quest
  • master angler: Catch all known species of fish
  • The key: Deliver the key
  • Perfect packaging: Have a full charge
  • aberration attractor: Catch everyone aberrations
  • providence: Complete all side quests. In a way
  • Safe Havens: Visit every dock in the game
  • feeling prepared: Install equipment in each slot on your ship
  • Researcher – spears: Research all rods
  • Researcher – Networks: Explore all networks
  • Researchers – pots: Research all pots
  • Researchers – engines: Research all engines
  • lifted from the depths: Catch 250 fish with rods
  • Trapped by these walls: Catch 100 crabs in crab pots
  • Tangled in this web: Catch 150 fish in trawls
  • Live for profit: Sell fish totaling $2500
  • cash for gold: Sell a total of $1500 worth of jewelry
  • Autoless harvesting: Exhaust a total of 25 fishing spots
  • Fast Reaper: Have a combined fishing speed of 200%
  • No time to linger: Have a combined engine speed of 75kn
  • light up the night: Have a combined luminous intensity of 3000 lumens
  • Hull – Improved: Upgrade to 2nd stage hull
  • Hull – Refined: Upgrade to the 3rd tier hull
  • Hull – Advanced: Upgrade to the 4th tier hull
  • Undesirable: Discard 25 fish
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Hidden Trophies

  • The secret: Hand in the music box
  • The connection: Entrust the ring
  • The chains: Give up the necklace
  • The moment: Give up the pocket watch
  • Unleashed: Find a use for the relics
  • Fed up: Throw it back
  • Out of the fog: Hear a foghorn echo
  • prey sighted: Spot a fish of each category through your binoculars
  • Mixed results: Mixed bait used to lure 3 different species to a single location
  • Cruel heat: Keep your haste burn meter above 50% for 10 seconds
  • Dimensional bypass: Travel a long distance with Manifest
  • banisher: Banish 10 threats
  • Unsustainable fishing: Use Atrophy on a distant fishing spot
  • servants of the sanctuaries: Solve all Fish Shrine puzzles

These are all trophies and achievements for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and Steam. For help unlocking some of these, check out our Dredge guide library.

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