All Missing Person Locations in Dead Island 2

In dead island 2, the densely populated city that was once Los Angeles is now overrun by the undead. There are 15 Lost & Found quests to complete throughout the game, including Lost & Found Weapon quests and Lost & Found Missing Person quests.

You can initiate these side quests by finding specific ones collectibles or by searching for new posters on the Missing persons notice board in the Sterling Hotel. Although optional, Lost & Found quests are worth the effort to complete as they often lead to it legendary weapons and rewards.

Each missing person report provides clues as to where you can find lost people. To save you a headache, we’ve compiled a list of all missing persons and their whereabouts dead island 2.

missing person Location Quest Details Reward
Yamal Halperin Hotel Kill all of the zombies near the two security shacks to find Jamal’s car keys. Use the key to unlock the box on his truck with license plate 8TGPCV7. A note will reveal that Jamal was the zombie that dropped the key. 1,500 XP
laura Halperin Hotel Go to the police station marked on the Venice Beach map. Evidence suggests that Laura is still locked in a cell. You can find the key on a police chief at Venice Hot Dogs. Return to the station to unlock the cell where Laura is already a zombie. 1,500 XP
Davis Halperin Hotel At the northeast point of Venice Beach, look for the Blue Crab Grill. On a nearby bus, a notice on the steps points to the pier. Check the buses near the pier to find Davis, who has become a crusher. 1,500 XP and 1x Improvised Hammer
Pablo Venice Beach Notes lead to Rose’s Tattoo Parlor and Muscle Beach Nutrition. Use a circuit breaker at Venice Auto to enter the nutrition store, then head to a nearby marijuana dispensary. A zombie in the alley has the store key; Get it to find Pablo in the Apothecary. 2,000 XP and 1x Fire Ax
Shane Venice Beach Near the lifeguard huts, look for one closest to the Blue Crab Grill. A clue leads to hut 18. Kill an undead Nell there to find a clue pointing to the headquarters near the pier. Kill a Crusher named TJ to reveal a note saying Shane is gone. 2,000 XP
steve Monarch Studios/Beverly Hills Go to Sound Stage 3 in Monarch Studios to find clues on the kitchen steps and on a bed. Go to the trailer in Action Alley to kill a zombie named Sergio and take his phone. Head to Beverly Hills to save Steve by luring three zombie guys into his home and eliminating them. 2,500 XP and 1x Krakatau
Greg Ocean Avenue Go to a parking garage at Stoker Pl and Silicon St to find Greg. You must then clear a path through the undead. To do this, go to a higher level in the garage and find a circuit breaker in a truck. Take it to camp to turn it on and return to Greg. Unfortunately he cannot be saved. 2,000 XP and 1x metal bat
Nadia The subway Go to the subway and look a little north to find Nadia’s map on the wall. This will tell you where she is and give you places to find numbers for the code to her room. Search thoroughly; the code is 0268. Nadia is a zombie, so you have to kill her to complete the quest. 2,500 XP
rainier Ocean Avenue/Hollywood Boulevard Go to dr. Reed’s Lab on Ocean Avenue and kill a Slobber for a clue. Go to Hollywood Boulevard and look for a clue on shelves in a maintenance area. You’ll find that Rainier is locked in a pantry; Kill Lenny to get the key. It turns out that Rainier is a zombie, so you have to take him out. 2,500 XP and superior melee dotter mod

In the search for any missing person dead island 2, you must take out hordes of undead. Make sure you are prepared for your mission to complete each Lost & Found missing persons quest. Learn more about zombie types and in-game quests with the help of our dead island 2 Leader.

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