All No Man’s Sky Multi-Tool Weapons Ranked

The multi-tool in Nobody’s heaven is your lifeline to soar through the stars, earn money and survive in harsh environments. Not only does the multi-tool allow you to gather resources, but it also has many weapon modules to protect you along the way. We classify them all below NMS Multi-tool weapons by their ability to kill things like Sentinels, Abysmal Creatures, and Fauna from least effective to most effective.

We will not include certain multi-tool modules like Terrain Manipulator, Solar Ray or Animus Beam because they do no damage. Instead, we’re going to focus on the primary attachments that can be used in combat.

We also won’t be covering secondary tool modules like the Combat Scope, Personal Forcefield, or Cloaking Device. While these are useful, they are not technically multi-tool weapons.

Ranking of all NMS multitool weapons

Blaze Spear

The Blaze Javelin is the best weapon in Nobody’s heaven. When fully charged, it can melt through Sentinel armor and looks amazing doing it. However, keep in mind that the Blaze Javelin has a long charge and cooldown, as well as a long reload time, making it risky when facing multiple scattered enemies. Taking down a Sentinel Mech or Sentinel Walker is perfect for this weapon.

neutron gun

The neutron cannon fires beams of energy into a cone that explode on impact. It deals less energy damage than the Scatter Blaster, but the extra AoE from the explosions gives it a boost. It also doesn’t require projectile ammo, freeing up inventory space for other cargo.

Scatter Blaster

effective one NMS The shotgun equivalent, the Scatter Blaster fires bullets in a cone, similar to the Neutron Gun. This weapon is perfect for taking out multiple targets at once, especially swarms, but it can take some time to get used to aiming. If you’re dealing with a single target, there are better options like the Blaze Javelin.

Paralysis Mortar

The Paralysis Mortar makes it so much easier to get rid of Repair and Summoner Sentinel Drones. Using an EMP pulse, it discharges on impact, stunning all Sentinels in a small area, giving you time to take out pesky drones. Because drones can heal enemies with low health, the Paralyzing Mortar is particularly effective against corrupted guardians and drones with enhanced abilities.

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The Incinerator is the flamethrower of Nobody’s heaven. It’s great for melee combat and deals tons of damage, but is less effective if you like to keep your distance – and getting close to Sentinels and other enemies isn’t always a good idea. Indeed, this is a high-risk, high-reward weapon. The Incinerator cannot currently be built as a module, but many multi-tools can be found throughout NMS Universe may have already equipped it.

pulse spitter

The Pulse Spitter’s high rate of fire makes it great for taking on bouncing Sentinel quads and Corrupted Swarm quads. It fires three projectiles in quick succession, allowing you to hit enemies quickly.

plasma gun

The Plasma Gun is a secondary tool weapon that shoots plasma projectiles at targets for explosive damage. It can be fired quickly, but has only a small number of charges and uses unstable plasma to charge. It’s a good addition in combat when enemies are grouped together.


The Boltcaster is your basic multi-tool weapon in Nobody’s heaven. A no-nonsense, no-nonsense shooter, the Boltcaster offers a fast rate of fire with good accuracy. This weapon is fully upgraded and is consistently good for 1v1 combat NMSalthough it can take a while to get through the Sentinel armor with it, and it’s not recommended to be used against larger enemies.

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geological cannon

A more destructive version of the terrain manipulator, the Geology Cannon fires exploding charges that can actually deal damage. Direct hits deal the most damage, but Geology Cannon can also deal splash damage if a charge hits near a target. This multi-tool weapon is great for making wide area attacks against multiple targets in the blink of an eye.

mining beam

The Mining Beam can be used as a weapon in emergencies or before you have other weapons installed on your multi-tool. It does a little damage, especially when fully upgraded with S tier modules, but even then it’s a poor substitute for other entries on this list.

While you might be able to defend yourself against a creature, a swarm of Sentinels will most likely kill you if you just use the Mining Beam.

That’s all the multi-tool guns in there Nobody’s heaven ranked by combat effectiveness. For more information see our Nobody’s heaven instructions page.

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