Atlas Fallen Gameplay Trailer Highlights Traversal, Combat

Focus Entertainment has released the awaited gameplay trailer for its desert action role-playing game Atlas fallen. With new looks at monsters, a taste of what’s likely to be the big bad boss, and various weapon forms, it offers a taste of what to expect when the game will be released on May 16, 2023.

The trailer opens above a sprawling desert world in ruins ruled by a corrupt god. A massive, flying creature resembling a sand dragon roams the skies while showcasing some of the game’s movement mechanics, including the ability to surf along sand dunes and launch into the air with a gauntlet.

Deck13’s Sven Hammer and Lila Grimaldi recently revealed PlayStation to blog the core of this world is essence. Essence grants you magic through the gauntlet by allowing you to manipulate essence grains, shown as a faint glow emanating from the gauntlet and found throughout the world.

Using Essence Grains, you can use Air Dash to cover great distances, Crush to rip through magical seals to gain access to forbidden areas, or Raise to dig ruins out of the sand.

There are large, elemental enemies and bosses to defeat, including those of ice and fire. Fighting takes place both on the ground and in the air.

Also, as revealed in the PS Blog post, the Duneclever has two forms, Ax and Hammer, both of which deal massive AoE damage by either splitting enemies or smashing them into the sand from above.

The Sandwhip is the game’s sword whip weapon with high mobility, allowing you to get in and out of combat quickly.

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Knuckledust transforms into a pair of heavy-hitting gauntlets, perfect for quickly dealing massive damage to a single target in melee combat.

Along with the trailer reveal comes the announcement of pre-orders and the Signature Edition. The Signature Edition, available exclusively in the Focus Entertainment Store, is very limited, only 100 copies will be made. The edition comes in a numbered laminated wood frame printed with exclusive artwork by James Lowe and retails for $99.99.

Along with the Signature Edition, all pre-orders receive the Ruin Rising Pack DLC, which includes cosmetics and combat abilities. Stay tuned to learn more Atlas fallen as soon as it is available.

Featured image by Focus Entertainment.

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