Atomic Heart Blood Courier Hospital Door Code Answer

Atomic Heart features many door locks that can be opened through a variety of lockpicking mini-games, and the hospital door code in Blood Courier is the solution to one of them. While some are based on timing and others on matching, one of the most interesting locks involves creating a pattern on a 21-key pad in the Pavlov complex. Each of these requires a bit of exploration as the answer is found in the area.

Unfortunately, the solution isn’t always as obvious as a piece of paper lying on the floor. A lock in the infirmary of the Pavlov complex is particularly difficult. Luckily, it’s not too difficult to figure out and just requires a little more attention to the area. How to discover them Atomic Heart Response to hospital door code.

Where is the Atomic Heart Hospital airlock?

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This lock is encountered about three-quarters of the way through the story during the blood courier Seek. After exiting the theater area, you need to find the entrance to the Pavlov complex and descend into the infirmary.

This area consists of three floors and many enemies. It is best to take them all out so that you can undo the lock in peace. Once they’re all done, head up to the second floor and around the corner to find the locked room you need to enter.

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What’s in the locked hospital room?

If you use your scanner before opening it, you can see that there are five chests and a couple of computers, some of which you can read emails from. For the former, however, you’re really putting in that hard work, as it’s rare to see multiple chests in one area, let alone five!

How to find Atomic Heart Pavlov Complex door code

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Now that you know where the lock is, it’s time to head downstairs. There are some handprints under the lock and it is important to pay attention to them in order to find the answer.

Make your way through everything until you find the dimly lit room with the fire in the center. The code is creatively (albeit awkwardly) displayed here. Approach the bed next to the partition and a Sprouts nest/spawner.

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Turn left to see handprints that appear to form a semicircle made up of handprints and a small red circle on the divider. There are other pieces of the puzzle behind it:

  • Handprints form an opposing semicircle above the drawer and on the wall.
  • A big red circle in the other room.
  • A red circle on the bottom of the wall.
  • A red circle behind the huge burn mark above the drawer.

In and of themselves they don’t mean much. However, if you reposition yourself a bit next to the bed, you’ll find a perspective that implies a whole circle made of the handprints and four smaller circles inside.

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The red circle under the brand mark is the hardest to see. There doesn’t seem to be a way to clean it or reveal it, but the right side of that circle is easily visible as you walk Really near the burned area and look at the textures.

Some have found the solution by using a brain’s circular poster on the same wall; However, this seems like a random method since the poster is outside of the palm print circle.

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Response to hospital door code

Go back to the castle and press the buttons corresponding to the red circles. Considering that the large circle was in the center, two of them were close together, and one was right next to the edge of the right side, the solution is as follows:

  • The circle on the edge – button furthest to the right, top half
  • The big circle in the other room – button in the middle
  • The circle on the bottom – button just below the middle
  • The circle behind the burn mark – button just left of center

That’s the gist of how to find them Atomic Heart Answer to the door code of the hospital in the Pavlov complex. Whether you need a refresher checklist or just need some tips on the necessities, our Atomic Heart Leader can help as you approach the endgame.

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