Best and Worst Skills to Upgrade

To have the best skills for Joel The Last of Us Part 1 will help you protect Ellie and defeat the Clickers, Raiders, and FEDRA troops that stand in your way. Heading west to meet the fireflies, the perks you choose during the campaign matter. These are best updated.

However, when discussing The Last of Us Part 1 best skills, we must consider the item you need for upgrades: supplies. This resource is denoted by a pill icon, which represents medicines, tablets, and other items used to further increase Joel’s abilities.

The best skills to upgrade in The Last of Us Part 1

Likewise, each perk type has two to three upgrade tiers that you can level up.

Max health

  • Increases your maximum HP; has two upgrade levels.
    • These two knots are the best The Last of Us Part 1 Skill upgrades you should have as they are directly related to your survival. The more HP you have, the more damage you can take, allowing you to heal or hide instead of dying instantly.

distance in listening mode

  • Increases the distance at which you can see the outlines of enemies; has three upgrade levels.
    • Another important advantage to take into account, especially since many sections of the game should be completed as stealthily as possible. Being able to see through obstacles can help you prepare for the encounter ahead.

Shiv Master

  • Use a knife to get rid of clicker grapples. has two upgrade levels.
    • Clickers are extremely deadly if they get too close, although you could take them out with backstabs/stealth kills or with a shotgun to the face. At higher difficulties, this upgrade is worth considering as ammo will be harder to come by.
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Worst skills to upgrade in The Last of Us Part 1

crafting speed

  • Speeds up the crafting of throwable items, knives, medkits, and melee attachments; has three upgrade levels.
    • Unfortunately, this perk is useless in most situations. That’s because crafting is typically done before encounters, when you don’t have to worry about having a lot of enemies breathing down your neck. So animation acceleration is somewhat situational.

healing speed

  • Speeds up healing animation when using medkits; has three upgrade levels.
    • Similar to the crafting speed perk, this isn’t a big priority either. You’ll often heal between encounters, or when you’re in combat you’ll be stuck in a corner where enemies can’t reach you immediately. Therefore, simply speeding up the animation would be moot.

weapon swings

  • Reduces weapon sway to improve accuracy and shot grouping; has two upgrade levels.
    • This is a good skill upgrade to have The Last of Us Part 1. While aiming isn’t usually a problem, there are instances where you might need to shoot at an enemy from a longer range. So anything that helps compensate for errors would be viable, but not paramount.

These are The Last of Us Part 1 the best skills to upgrade – and the worst ones that aren’t worth wasting your time on, especially during a first run. Don’t forget that you also need to pay attention weapon upgrades throughout the campaign.

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