Best Builds for Every Class in Diablo 4 Beta

The diablo 4 Beta gives you access to five classes with their own skill trees. The caveat is that during this beta period you can only get up to level 25 while you can get up to level 100 with the full version. Despite only having a quarter of the character development unlocked, there’s plenty to do diablo 4 Beta.

Our guide will show you the best builds for each class in diablo 4 Beta. Note that after reaching each new level, you have access to a single skill point, so invest your skill points wisely. Below is a full breakdown of skill points for each level of your chosen class build.

The best builds for each class in Diablo 4 Beta

Best Barbarian Build

The barbarian class harnesses the power of melee weapons to lunge, slash, or rush attacks. This build focuses on dealing massive bleed damage in an AoE with his Whirlwind skill, as well as getting devastating final hits by using Death Strike to reset its own cooldown.

  • basic skills:
    • Level 2: flay
    • Level 3: Improved Flay
    • Level 4: Battle Flay
  • core competencies:
    • Levels 5-9: whirlwind
    • Level 10: Improved Whirlwind
    • Level 11: Angry Whirlwind
    • Levels 12-13: endless rage
  • defensive abilities:
  • brawling skills:
    • Level 15: Leap
    • Level 16: Improved jump
    • Level 17: leap of power
  • Weapon Mastery Skills:
    • Levels 18-22: deathblow
    • Level 23: Improved Deathblow
    • Level 24: The warrior’s deathblow
  • Ultimate Abilities:
    • Level 25: Rage of the Berserker

Best Druid Build

The druid has a rich skill tree full of different shapeshifting forms and spells. This druid build attempts to balance all of these different powers, including spirits and pets. Skills like Pulverize allow you to crush multiple elite enemies at once while your wolf companions take care of the rest.

  • basic skills:
    • Stages 2-3: Storm Strike
    • Level 4: Improved Storm Strike
    • Level 5: Heavy Assault
  • mental abilities:
    • Levels 6-7: Pulverize
    • Level 8: Improved Pulverize
    • Level 9: Angry Pulverize
    • Level 10: predatory instinct
    • Stage 11: ironfur
  • defensive abilities:
    • Levels 12-13: howl blood
    • Level 14: Improved Bloodhowl
    • Level 15: Conserve Blood Howl
  • Companion Skills:
    • Levels 16-17: wolves
    • Level 18: Improved Wolves
    • Level 19: call of the Wild
  • Wrath Skills:
    • Levels 20-21: hurricane
    • Level 22: Improved Hurricane
    • Level 23: Natural Hurricane
  • Ultimate Abilities:
    • Level 24: defensiveness
    • Level 25: Grizzly Rage
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Best Necromancer Build

The Necromancer is currently considered the most powerful class in diablo 4, and this build leaves no corpse unturned. Spread your Blight, damaging all enemies in the area of ​​effect and using Blood Mist to gain immunity. Then curse everyone with Decrepify with a final Bone Storm that deals 180% AoE damage.

  • basic skills:
    • Stages 2-6: To harvest
    • Level 7: Acolyte Reap
  • core competencies:
    • Levels 8-12: rot
    • Level 13: Improved Plague
    • Level 14: Paranormal Plague
  • Macabre Skills:
    • Levels 15-19: blood mist
    • Level 20: Improved Blood Mist
    • Level 21: Terrible Blood Mist
  • corruption skills:
    • Level 22: deteriorate
    • Level 23: Improved Decrepify
    • Level 24: Abominable Decay
  • Ultimate Abilities:

Best Rogue Build

Rogues can do many things, but this build focuses on the bow. Use Barrage as your main AoE and increase your speed with Concealment. You can then enhance your arrows with various poison imbuements for additional damage.

  • basic skills:
    • Stages 2-4: Powerful Arrow
    • Level 5: Improved powerful arrow
    • Stage 6: Fundamental powerful arrow
  • core competencies:
    • Levels 7-11: barrage
    • Level 12: Improved Barrage
    • Level 13: Improved Barrage
  • Agility Skills:
  • Evasive Skills:
    • Level 15: concealment
    • Level 16: Improved obfuscation
    • Level 17: Counteract obfuscation
  • Imbuements Skills:
    • Levels 18-22: Poison Penetration
    • Level 23: Improved Poison Penetration
    • Level 24: Mixed venom penetration
  • Ultimate Abilities:

Best Wizard Build

The caster has access to a range of elemental damage including frost, fire, lightning, and crackle damage. This particular build focuses on fire damage with skills like Firebolt and Fireball. You can also protect yourself with the Flame Shield and summon a Hydra monster to help you. Finally, you can burn everything down with Inferno and Inner Flame.

  • basic skills:
    • Level 2: firebolt
    • Level 3: Improved Firebolt
    • Level 4: Flickering Firebolt
  • core competencies:
    • Levels 5-9: fireball
    • Level 10: Improved Fireball
    • Level 11: Destructive Fireball
  • defensive abilities:
    • Level 12: flame shield
    • Level 13: Improved Flame Shield
    • Level 14: Shimmering Flame Shield
  • summoning skills:
    • Level 15: Hydra
    • Level 16: Improved Hydra
    • Level 17: Summoned Hydra
  • mastery skills:
    • Levels 18-20: meteor
    • Level 21: Improved Meteor
    • Levels 22-24: inner flames
  • Ultimate Abilities:

These are the best builds for each class in diablo 4 Beta, and be sure to check out more Diablo 4 tips and tricks article right here.

Featured image via Blizzard Entertainment

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