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There are many great ones Farming simulator 22 Mods to download if you want to add some spice to your farming business. The game’s modding community is one of the most creative and prolific gaming communities in the world and the number of mods released FS22 It’s amazing.

But the sheer number of mods available can put new (or even returning) players in the unenviable position of deciding which mods to install first. Our guide will help you and provide you with a list of the best Farming simulator 22 mods of all time.

The best mods for Farming Simulator 22

Place anywhere mod

One of the biggest limitations in Farming simulator 22 is the structure boundary which does not allow you to place your structures too close to each other. This creates a lot of unused territory that could otherwise yield additional profits.

The Place Anywhere Mod fixes this problem and allows you to place structures as close together as you like. Of course, you have to be aware of such complications as exhaust pipes, but other than that, you’re basically free to do whatever you want with your country.

State Subsidy Mod

Money is another major issue that players must carefully monitor during their farming ventures. There are many risky money cheats online, but if you want to play it safe and still use those extra bucks for your farm, then this is the State grant mod would be the best choice.

It offers you two types of subsidies, both of which are available for a single game year:

  • Government Subsidy: $100,000,000
  • City grant: $100,000

guidance mod

If you are tired of manually driving your farming equipment, then install this mod for super convenient automation guide steering using GPS technology.

To use this mod correctly, you must first buy the GPS for $15,000; You can then set up two types of field tracking:

  • From point A to point B
  • From point A to heading

After purchasing the GPS for your vehicle, press ALT+C to activate the guidance menu and CTRL+S to open the mod menu.

No Man’s Land Mod

Have you always wanted to build your farm on one no mans land? With this mod you can build a whole farming empire in the middle of nowhere. You need to clear all the trees and rocks to set up a basic camp, but once it’s done you have the following options:

  • gold production
  • lime production
  • methane production
  • Flower nursery greenhouse
  • mushroom greenhouse
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AutoDrive Mod

If you liked the Guidance Steering mod, you will like this one too. While Guidance Steering allows you to set up automatic tracking on any field, this AutoDrive Mod allows you to automatically drive your vehicle to the field, shop or any other point on the map.

This mod works with all types of vehicles including helicopters, harvesters, tractors and more. But you also need to get a GPS for your vehicle if you want it to work properly.

Courseplay Mod

There’s a lot more you can do Farming simulator 22 than just programming routes from point A to point B Courseplay ModFor example, it allows you to automate far more complex tasks, including:

  • Manage your silage bunkers.
  • Bring your harvest directly to the points of sale.
  • Manage your seed harvest.
  • Manage the plowing and cultivation of your farm.
  • Move and unload the harvesters.
  • Remove grass from fields.

Money tool mod

If you’re desperate for money but don’t want to use the government subsidy mod listed above, then this is the Money tool mod is your next best option.

After installation, join any farm and press the key combination “Ctrl + Alt + 0” (zero at the end) and $1,000,000 will be deposited into your bank account immediately.

If your game doesn’t load after adding the money to your account, simply uninstall the mod and your game should be fixed. The money will still be in your account.

4X Blank Card Mod

Some players just want to start their farm on an undisturbed piece of land that has nothing but an empty field. This mod simply inserts 4X blank card where you can bring or place any vehicle or structure of your choice.

You can always start over and see what kind of farm you can build with this popular sandbox mod.

GIANTS editor mod

With this mod you can create your own Farming simulator 22 modifications.

If you cannot find a mod in the game for your specific needs, go ahead and install it GIANTS editor modand you can easily add or customize any gameplay element you see fit.

There is an excellent guide that comes with the pack that you can use to create a perfect farming game for yourself.

These are the best Farming simulator 22 modifications. Be sure to check out others Farming simulator 22 Tips and Tricks article right here.

Featured Image by GIANTS Software.

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