Black Desert Online Land of the Morning Light Expansion Landing June 14

Black Desert Online gets a new area to explore Land of the Morning Light The expansion will be released on June 14th. Medieval Korean mythology will be the focus of this update, along with the awakening of Woosa and Maegu, Summer Season content, and a new mode. Here’s what we know about it Land of the Morning Light extension for Black Desert Online.

Before the expansion comes out, Woosa will experience her awakening on May 31st. She draws power from the flowers in the afterlife and uses Maegu’s spells to control the spirits. Not to be outdone, Maegu will see her awakening in June. Although the exact date has not yet been confirmed, we do know that she will wear Woosa’s fan.

As soon as the Land of the Morning Light When the expansion shines on us, you can explore the new land and collect orbs of light. These orbs allow you to reduce the damage dealt by the region’s new mythology-inspired bosses while increasing your damage output. Will you manage to defeat the fearsome Imoogi?

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Along with the new bosses comes the new Black Desert Boss Blitz mode. Do you think the current bosses are too simple? You can adjust the difficulty from 1 to 10 Calamity to face off against a boss that really challenges you. Compete against other players to defeat them as quickly as possible and climb to the top of the leaderboards.

The new Summer Season content is already in the game. Like the spring season, you can create a new seasonal character and complete seasonal challenges to get the 8th generation female horse. If you complete the course awakening, you can get a dream horse.

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Land of the Morning Light brings a ton of new content to the game, and there’s still more to discover. It is currently available for pre-order as a bundle on Steam or as a standalone expansion. You can also purchase the expansion in-game from the Pearl Shop.

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