Bloodhunt Beginner’s Tips & Tricks Guide

blood hunt is the newest entry in the Vampire: The Masquerade Series that this time puts players in a massive battle royale on the streets of Prague. If you’re familiar with battle royale games, you know what’s going on, though blood hunt introduces a variety of vampiric twists that make it unique.

With that in mind, here are a few tips and tricks to get you started blood hunt Career.

Start each game with your vision elevated

Increased vision Is Bloodhunts Equivalent of Detective Vision and it highlights interesting locations, weapons, consumables, and NPCs. Every time a game starts, you should set your vision and quickly survey the land and look out for supply caches to loot.

You won’t have much time before you run into other players, so gear up as soon as possible. In addition, Enhanced Vision will show you resonant NPCs, which we’ll talk about later.

Make full use of your archetype abilities

Archetypes are the character classes of blood hunt and the game currently has six to choose from. Brute and Vandal focus on offense, Saboteur and Prowler focus on stealth, and Siren and Muse focus on support.

Each archetype has two unique abilities associated with Q and E that have cooldowns when used. You should take some time to get used to the abilities of each class and to know the more effective way to use them.

For example, Muse has a healing field that can be used in the middle of a firefight to give your team a boost, while Saboteur has a stealth ability that turns her into a cloud of smoke, ideal for escaping firefights or hiding behind enemies to sneak .

Rather than jumping around archetypes, it’s best to focus entirely on one until you know it very well.

Stay on the High Ground

blood hunt is a verticality-focused game where the rooftops of Prague become your hunting ground. You’ll obviously have to spend some time on the ground looting items or NPCs, but it’s best to stay on the rooftops as much as possible.

Loitering on the ground puts you at a disadvantage compared to those above, as it’s much easier for them to spot you and trip you up. Once you have enough gear, climb the nearest building and check your surroundings. Then do your best to hide as you make your way through the city.

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Avoid the entity

While other players are your primary concern, they are far from the only threat blood hunt. Groups of NPCs known as The Entity are scattered throughout the map and will gun you down on the spot. The entity guards gear, but generally it’s not worth the risk unless you’re really equipped.

Groups of The Entity are denoted by red crosses on the map, so give them a wide berth, especially if you’re playing solo.

Use Resonance and Diablerize

Resonance is a unique system in blood hunt that gives you bonuses when you drink the blood of a resonant NPC. When using your Enhanced Vision, these NPCs will have a colored aura surrounding them, and drinking their blood will grant a slot in the specified resonance slot. You can find out how this works in our Blood Resonance Guide.

Each match gives you three different Resonance slots, so pick the ones that best suit your playstyle. You can get more Resonance slots by disabling players, which works like an execution. When an enemy is down, run towards them and hold the F button to activate Diablerize, which grants you an extra Resonance slot and brings out all of their gear.

If you play team, revive your allies

If you play the team-based mode of blood hunt Knowing how to revive your teammates is absolutely essential. Allies can of course be picked up again when they’re down, but there’s also a way to fully revive them after death.

At Bloodhunts Map, there is a series of white crosses surrounded by circles marking these points of revival. If one or both of your teammates are dead, go to one of the locations on the map and look for a white aura like the image above. If you run to the aura and hold F, you can fully revive your teammates, but remember you’re completely defenseless in the process.

Then there are our tips Vampire: The Masquerade – Blood Hunt. Check out our other guides blood hunt here on GameSkinny.

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