Blox Fruits: How to Find the Legendary Sword Dealer

The Legendary Sword Merchant is the rarest NPC in Roblox Blox fruits, who is the only merchant in the game to sell one of three legendary swords: Shisui, Saddi, and Wando. If you follow our guide on how to find Legendary Sword Dealer in Blox fruitsyou can buy each of these swords for 2,000,000 beli.

All Legendary Sword Merchant locations in Blox Fruits

There are seven possible locations where the Legendary Sword Dealer can randomly spawn, including:

  • coliseum: Inside the north-east arcs.
  • kingdom of roses: Under the waterway tunnels.
  • Green Zone: On the largest beanstalk in the middle of the zone.
  • Green Zone: Behind the three rocks next to Fajita.
  • Cemetery: On the center column.
  • Factory: Behind the grassy rock plateau.
  • Usoapps island: In the central house.

Note that the Legendary Sword Dealer only appears at a specific time, which can be checked in a number of ways:

  • talk to him Manager of the café in the Kingdom of the Roseand he’ll tell you exactly how long to wait for the next Legendary Sword Trader to appear.
  • The time of its spawn depends on the age of the server:
    • Public Servers: 15 hours
    • Private servers: 16 to 17 hours

We highly recommend using Portal Fruit or Light Fruit to quickly check all seven points, as it’s the only viable way not to miss the Legendary Sword Dealer when it finally appears.

Once you meet the Legendary Sword Merchant, he will sell you one of three random swords. Once you’ve bought all three swords, the Legendary Sword Dealer will disappear from the server forever.

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That’s all you need to know about finding the legendary swordsman Blox fruits. For more guides and others robloxrelated guidescheck out our dedicated hub page.

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