Bungie Reveals How Strand Subclass Lets You Weave Enemies Out of Existence in Lightfall

The incidence of light extension for destiny 2 is getting closer every day, and we learned a ton of new details about the upcoming beach subclass in a recent blog post from Bungie. There was a lot to unpack, from aspects and fragments to exciting information, a new trailer and some developer insights. We’re going to cover a few minor details today: buffs, debuffs, and the origin of Strand.

Build strand, destroy enemies

Image via Bungie

Originally referred to as “Damage Type 5,” Strand began as a short-lived concept of “something astral,” and it also “fitted into the imagination of [Lightfall]: the action hero of the ’80s.” The design and storytelling teams continued to work together to find something that satisfied both sides, until their concept evolved into “dark telekinesis,” which evolved into Strand.

After the overall concept was established and many of the names and phrases that would define it for players continued to piece the design together. Now, as with the other 3.0 class updates, there is a trio of keywords that act as some of the core player-enemy interactions.

On the player side, we have weaving, which is creating objects with strands. Defeating an enemy with Strand “untangles” them, creating a “tangle”. Tangles left behind explode when shot and can also be picked up and thrown.

Enemies can also be affected by three different keywords that change their interaction with Strand when damaged or defeated by him.

  • expose: A suspended PvE enemy is lifted off the ground for a short time and is essentially disabled. In PvP, suspended players are lifted off the ground but can still move (albeit slowly) and fire their weapon to fight back.
  • Unravel: Attacking an unraveled enemy causes threads to burst from the target and attack other nearby targets. Once hit, this target is also unraveled.
  • Separate: A severed enemy is less able to affect the material world, reducing their damage output.
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Finally, Sentinels can be clad in Woven Mail, a special stranded armor that reduces incoming damage and flinch, although in PvP this reduction only applies to the body. Both headshots and melee attacks are exempt when damaged by other guardians.

For more information on the Strand update, see Check out our guide to all the new subclass abilities and our analysis of the beach trailer. More on this destiny 2see our guides hub.

Featured image via Bungie

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