Can You Catch a Shiny Popplio in Pokemon GO? Answered

Popplio is the last of the Alolan starters to have one Spotlight Hour event in March 2023. Given the increased encounter rate during the event, many are wondering if Shiny Popplio will be there Pokemon GO and if it can be caught. Here is the answer.

Can you catch a shiny Popplio in Pokemon GO?

Unfortunately, Shiny Popplio was not introduced Pokemon GO still. Like other starter Pokémon, it will most likely get a Shiny version during Community Day. With the current Community Day events hitting Kalos starters right now and the next Community Day focusing on Togetic, it may be a while before this happens.

Even if you can’t catch Shiny Popplio, Primarina is one of the more powerful 3rd tier upgrades you can use Pokemon GO fights since it can learn Hydro Pump. Catching the best Popplio will be much easier during Spotlight Hour. If you’re working on Water-type Pokémon challenges, it may be worth seeking out Popplio during these times since it’s a Water-type.

Other Shiny Pokémon are available through other events. This includes Meltan and potential Shiny Shadow Pokémon rescued by Team GO Rocket Grunts. The 12km Strange Eggs are still rewarded by the Team GO Rocket Takeover event. April is just around the corner and the new Spotlight Hour schedule is just around the corner. Stay tuned for more news, event help and general tips for Pokemon GO.

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