Can You Catch Shiny Drilbur in Pokemon GO? Answered.

Increasingly drill cage appear in it Pokemon GO thanks to the event of Sustainability Week 2023. Does that mean Shiny drilbur is finally included in the game? And if so, can you catch Shiny Drilbur? Here’s what we know about the Pokémon and its connection to the event.

Is Shiny Drilbur in Pokemon GO?

From April 20, 2023, during the Sustainability Week event, Shiny Drilbur is available to catch Pokemon GO.

Shiny Drilbur’s stripes and hand colors are a muted magenta instead of the usual blue. The differences are even more visible as it develops Excadrillwith the fur being the same magenta color and the accent strokes and gems being a teal color.

How to catch Shiny Drilbur in Pokemon GO

So how do you capture a Shiny Drilbur? Pokemon GO? During the Sustainability Week event, there is an increased spawn rate for wild Drilbur, as well as an increased chance for it to be an encounter reward for it Completion of field and time research.

Shiny Drilbur can now hatch from 7km eggs won during Sustainability Week.

Will Shiny Drilbur be in Pokemon GO after Sustainability Week?

It is unclear if Shiny Drilbur will only be available during Sustainability Week 2023 or if the Pokémon is still around after the event ends on April 26th. If you want to catch a Shiny Drilbur, this is the best time to hatch eggs, catch Drilbur in the wild, and do field research to increase your chances of finding one.

In addition to Shiny Drilbur, Sustainability Week 2023 features Shaymin, Trubbish, and more Pokémon not typically seen in the wild. Bounsweet makes his too Pokemon GO Debut.

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That answers the question of whether or not you can catch Shiny Drilbur in Pokemon GO and what to look out for in your adventures. For more help in Pokemon GO, like defeating Team GO Rocket leaders or defeating Raid Pokémon, check out ours Pokemon GO Leader.

Featured image via The Pokemon Company International.

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