Cities: Skylines 2 Achievement List

Cities: Skylines 2 Existence was just revealed to the public during the Paradox Announcement Show. Despite this, the list of achievements available on Xbox has already been published. Since games usually release their achievement or trophy lists right before release, does that mean they will appear sooner than expected? Possibly. But now let’s take a look at the list of all the achievements you can unlock Cities: Skylines 2.

How many achievements are there? Cities: Skylines 2?

As of this writing, Xbox 40 has achievements totaling 1,000 Gamerscore. PlayStation has not confirmed these achievements, nor given them an achievement rank.

All Cities: Skylines 2 Xbox Achievements

  • my first city: Build with residential, commercial and industrial zones, water and electricity.
  • the inspector: Look at each individual info viewport.
  • Happy to help: Create a city district and assign a city service to this district.
  • Royal flush: Reach enough milestones to unlock all city services in a single city.
  • key to the city: Unlock all buildings available in the base game.
  • Six figures: Reach a population of 100,000.
  • go somewhere: Have 20 active transport lines. This can be passenger or cargo lines, or any mix of the two.
  • The size of golf balls!: Experience a hailstorm.
  • Out for a spin: Experience a tornado.
  • Now they are all ash trees: Experience a forest fire.
  • zero emission: Do you have a city that produces electricity exclusively from renewable energy sources.
  • Up and away!: Build any airport.
  • Set a sign: Construct 5 unique buildings in a single city.
  • Everything that the light touches: Unlock 150 map tiles in a single city.
  • Call the shots: Have 5 city policies active at the same time.
  • Broad spectrum: Create 10 different districts in a single city and assign policies to them.
  • executive decision: Assign a policy to a district.
  • all smiles: At least 1000 residents and an average happiness rate of 75%.
  • You little stalker!: Follow the life path of a citizen from childhood to old age.
  • the good stuff: Listen to two different radio stations around the clock.
  • i did this: Use the editor to create an asset of a type other than a map.
  • cartography: Use the editor to create a map.
  • The discoverer: Unlock 50 map tiles in a single city.
  • The last mile marker: Reach Milestone 20.
  • The architect: Construct 10 iconic buildings in a single city.
  • Things don’t look good: Experience a rat infestation.
  • Four Seasons: Experience all four seasons by building a city in a snowy winter climate.
  • Spider web: Have 50 active transport lines. This can be passenger or cargo lines, or any mix of the two.
  • This is not my happy place: At least 1000 residents and an average happiness rate of 25%.
  • Simply irresistible: At least 1000 inhabitants and a city attractiveness of 90.
  • best in class: Build a city where at least 20% of the population has a university degree.
  • Snapshot!: Use photo mode to take a screenshot
  • The deep end: Have a total loan of at least 200,000 in a single city.
  • groundsman: Build 10 parks in a single city.
  • Colossal Gardener: Plant 100 trees or shrubs with the landscaping tool in a single city.
  • Strength through diversity: Own buildings from all four zone types in a single city.
  • Squasher downer: Bulldozer a total of 1000 buildings.
  • A bit of TLC: Have 10,000 citizens treated in medical clinics or hospitals in a single city.
  • Welcome everyone!: A total of 10,000 tourist visits in a single city.
  • One of everything: Construct all unique city service buildings in a single city.
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These are all currently known Xbox achievements for Cities: Skylines 2. Stay tuned for more news with ours game page.

Featured image via Paradox Interactive

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