Core Keeper 1st Anniversary Celebration Brings New Content

pug storm Core Keeper has reached its 1st birthday milestone. The mining sandbox adventure game features tons of free in-game content to celebrate the event. The Anniversary Update is live today, bringing new items from the seasonal vendor.

The first birthday item in the game is the birthday cake. Hunt one and grab a piece to give your character a permanent boost to their maximum health. Find the Happy Birthday music sheet to play an in-game “Happy Birthday” jingle while partying with friends in Birthday Hats. The Birthday Hats come in 4 different patterns for you to choose your favorite and are available from the seasonal retailer.

Another sheet music included in the mini update is this terrariums Sheet music “Beginning of the journey”. Dropped by the King Slime Boss, this is a nod to the other indie game. Once purchased, you can play Journey’s Beginning continuously.

A new hidden achievement was also released today. While it hasn’t been confirmed what the achievement is exactly, it has been included. Stay tuned for updates on this.

Coming later this month Core Keeper is the planned seasonal mini-update for the Cherry Blossom Festival. You can also play previous seasonal events via the Gameplay Settings menu in-game. Don’t worry about missing out on exclusive seasonal content. New players can also access these events to exchange ideas with other players.

Keep an eye on GameSkinny for more updates Core Keeper Updates as well as guides and features.

Featured image via Pugstorm

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