Core Keeper: How to Make a Mushroom Farm

The Core Keeper Mushroom Farm is one of the best in the game. If you’re just starting out in this sandbox adventure game or already have dozens of hours, chances are you’re struggling with food production and spending too much time keeping things going. Then you need to switch to this solution so that you can last even in the middle of the game.

Unlike regular farms that require constant replanting and watering, the Core Keeper The Mushroom Farm takes care of itself and provides a constant flow of needed nutrients.

How to build a mushroom farm

Mushroom farm step 1

Build a simple but effective mushroom farm in Core Keeper, start by excavating a large enough area and building walls around it. Mushrooms take a while to grow, so don’t make the area too small.

Leave a gap of one tile and set up a wooden door to close the room and prevent mushroom monsters from entering your base (more on that below).

Mushroom farm step 2

Next, find some wild mushrooms in dirt caves. You will notice how the floor tile differs from regular dirt. Dig up the mushroom to get it mushroom soil.

Keep digging up these mushroom soil tiles until you have enough to fill your prepared space.

Return to your base with the Fungal Soil and start dropping them in the farm area. Once the entire room is filled, place a torch in the center.

Mushroom Monster Explained

You now have a working mushroom farm. Mushrooms will grow over time and you can dig them up whenever you get back to the base. However, mushroom monsters will also appear, which will drastically increase the time it takes you to farm – and they are the reason you placed a door and walls on your farm.

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To combat this – and get some free mushrooms – craft and Place a spike trap in front of the door. If you’ve created a large mushroom farm, you might also want to place a few traps in random spots further around the room.

The mushroom monsters will pick themselves up while you do other things, leaving ready-to-eat mushrooms lying around.

You now have a semi-automatic mushroom farm where you can solve all your nutrition problems Core Keeper. Stop wasting time watering and transplanting seeds. Get out there and explore, mine and fight to your heart’s content. Check out the rest of ours too Core Keeper Leader here on GameSkinny, such as how to build a boat or how to find giant mushrooms.

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