Crime Boss: Rockay City Entourage Level Up Skills Guide

You should keep your entourage at a higher level Crime boss: Rockay City if you want to keep growing to meet the growing challenges. Your Allegiance grants some useful buffs, but you want to know which Allegiance level-up skills to use for better chances of success.

Crime Boss: Rockay City Entourage Skills

At the beginning of the campaign, your Crime boss: Rockay City Entourage will consist of the aforementioned Travis Baker, Casey, Nasara and Touchdown.

Each character has their own upgradable perks, represented as cards. Whenever you level up, you will see three random options, and you can only choose one.

When the same card shows up, it usually has a higher value, indicating it has an enhanced effect. Your choices and their effects persist across multiple runs.

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The Entourage screen

You can check the Entourage screen to see the currently active upgrades, including any additional boosts you’ve selected. We have outlined some examples below.

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  • beast mode: Increase Baker’s damage in missions.
  • Additional sauce: Earn a new perk.
  • Toughen up: Increase HP.
  • Comeback King: Add an extra revive action.
  • Ace up your sleeve: Obtain a new gear/weapon.


  • Fully flush: Start the campaign with more money (in case Travis dies on a mission).
  • land shark: Start your campaign with more turf.
  • Bargain Baby: Lowers the cost of purchasable assets.
  • penny pinch: Decreases the cost of Turf Attacks and Defenses.


  • Plus one: Start the campaign with an additional team member.
  • More muscles: Start the campaign with additional soldiers.
  • Fit Fighter: Strengthen your soldiers during turf warfare attacks and defenses.
  • Powerful Mothers: Increase soldier damage in Turf Wars.
  • Lower bank: Increase the capacity of your army.
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  • Pro Bowl Benefit: Touchdown deserves a new perk.
  • Powerhouse buddy: Increases touchdown damage while defending your turf.
  • The big D: Increases Touchdown’s HP when defending your turf.
  • Harder touch: Adds an additional revive action for touchdown.

You can see the importance of upgrading your entourage. Look for more Crime boss: Rockay City Leader here on GameSkinny.

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