Dark and Darker: How to Join Live Alpha Playtest 5

Against all odds, the Dark and darker Alpha 5 playtest is live. And you may be wondering how to join and play. Despite the looming legal threat looming over developer Ironmace and Dark and darker After being completely removed from Steam, the developer continues to push game testing, albeit on its own terms.

A message from the developers went through the game’s Discord community earlier today, announcing that the next playtest wasn’t just around the corner: that it was live, assuming you have the download link.

How to get into Dark and Darker Alpha Playtest 5

With the game no longer available on Steam and facing legal issues from Nexon in both the United States and South Korea, Ironmace had to take an alternative route to conduct the next playtest.

If you want to dive into it, you have to jump in officially Dark and darker Discord server to download the game via torrent.

In the announcement, Ironmace warns against downloading the game through other sources as they cannot guarantee the integrity of other download links. This is a valid warning and if you wish to participate in the fifth playtest Dark and darkerit is best to torrent it using the magnet link they provide.

The announcement with the magnet link can be found in the Discord serverChannel for announcements from .

This certainly isn’t the most glorious way for Ironmace to bring the game’s community the next playtest, but it’s certainly better than nothing. How their legal battle with Nexon will play out is unclear, but the developer is doing what it can to keep moving forward. If you need some refreshments on the ins and outs of multiplayer dungeon crawling, check out some of ours Dark and darker Leader.

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