Dark and Darker’s Fifth Playtest Set For April 2023

Developer Ironmace has announced that its popular medieval fantasy dungeon crawler Dark and darker will host its fifth Playtest this April. Running from April 14th to April 19th, the team plans this next period to build on the great success they’ve had with previous demo segments.

On the game official discord serverThe said the development team:

“We would like to thank everyone who helped us with our most successful playtest to date. We have collected so much data that we are still in the processing phase. We’ll be sharing lots of interesting data as soon as we get a chance to catch our breath.”

This will not be the last phase of testing before the game’s official launch. While the previous period gave the team some clues as to how they could improve Dark and darker, it also raised some questions about where development should go. Therefore, a sixth test follows as we get closer and closer to the final release.

For the fifth playtest, fans can expect some “rather substantial additions.” Dark and darker. So it will take a month and a few changes before everyone can jump back into the dark and monstrous world of Dark and darker. Considering how the previous playtest Accumulated over 100,000 concurrent players On Steam, it seems like this next one could push the record even higher.

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