Darkest Dungeon 2: All Battle Tokens and Effects

To understand everything Darkest Dungeon 2 Battle tokens and effects will only help you get much further in each of your runs. With all the new combat mechanics and enemies introduced in this sequel, there are 22 additional combat tokens to collect. Some are unique and linked to the enemy that casts them, while others are part of a hero’s loadout. Still others refer to the new Burn DoT that was added with the release of version 1.0 of the game. Our guide below lists them all Darkest Dungeon 2 Token effects and what they do.

Darkest Dungeon 2 Battle Tokens Explained

Darkest Dungeon 2 Battle tokens appear during regular battles and boss fights and fall into several categories:

  • Buffs (gold)
  • Debuffs (Blue)
  • Stealth (Purple)
  • Unique (Orange)
  • Special (Green)
  • Other (Gray)

How to see battle tokens in Darkest Dungeon 2

Screenshot of GameSkinny

Battle tokens can be found under a character’s or enemy’s health bar. Horror and Stress appear above a character’s health bar, along with Regen, Disease, Bleed, and Burn counters. You can go to the main menu to find this token glossary or hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard. You can also hover over the token to see what it does in battle.

We present everything to you below Darkest Dungeon 2 Battle Tokens, Hero Battle Tokens, and Boss Battle Tokens with their effects so you can use this guide as a cheat sheet when they come up on your runs.

All Darkest Dungeon 2 battle tokens and effects

These are general combat tokens that appear in most combat situations. They can appear on allies or enemies, and appear when deciding whether to fight or flee, which can indicate possible combat bonuses.

  • crit: The next skill has 100% crit and ignores 20% REST
  • Answer: Counterattacks the next harmful attack
  • Evade: 50% chance to dodge the next attack
  • Dodge+: 75% chance to dodge the next attack
  • block: You get -50% DMG from the next hit
  • Block+: Suffer -75% DMG from next hit
  • Guarded: Protected by an allied unit
  • Strength: The next attack deals +50% DMG
  • speed: Casts faster on the next turn
  • Emphasize
  • horror: Adds stress to the hero every turn
  • drowsiness: The next turn is postponed to the end of the round
    • Converts to Stun when stacked
  • stun: Loses the next action
  • Blind: 50% chance to miss the next attack
  • Weak: The next attack deals -50% damage
  • Vulnerable: Gain +50% DMG from next hit
  • Selected Target: Receives +30% damage from Bullseye Barrett’s attacks
  • mockery: Enemies will be forced to attack this target if they are able to
  • immobilize: Cannot be moved or moved
  • combo: Triggers additional skill effects when aiming, lasts 3 turns
  • Corpulent: Activates the powerful Plague Eater skill
  • lining: Consumed by other Plague Eaters to heal them
  • command: Used by drummer in the tangle to allow other enemies to use powerful abilities
  • blessing: Used by bishop in the Tangle to activate several powerful abilities
  • worship: Used by cultists to heal other cultists
    • Can enable powerful abilities
  • barnacles: Applied by the fisherman on one spot. Inflicts 1 bleed when moving through the location. Lasts 3 turns.
  • newborn mutation: Used when the cabin boy turns into another fisher people.
    • +3 speed
    • +25% DMG
    • Block on hit increased by 33%
  • repair: Appears when the stagecoach breaks down and you are inside Urgent repairs Battle.
    • This hero must perform repairs as an action this turn.
  • do not leave me: Appears when the stagecoach breaks down.
  • Poisonous: Inflicts 2 plague on attackers per toxin token. Toxic is the state of stress the flagellent enters, rather than falling into resolve or meltdown

All Darkest Dungeon 2 Hero Battle Tokens and Effects

Darkest Dungeon 2 Hero Battle Tokens are specific to Heroes due to their abilities. Some represent power levels while others are buffs for allies.

  • Controlled combustion: This token is an effect of Runaway Controlled combustion Skill that stays in the position it was cast on.
    • Inflicts 2 burns on monsters at the start of their turn
  • Controlled Burn+: Inflicts 3 burns on the opponent’s turn at the start
  • consecration of light: A sign of the Vestal Virgin consecration of light Capability. Affects the position it was cast on.
    • Grants Strength to the ally in the location at the start of the turn
  • Consecration of Light+: Grants Strength (75%) or Crit (25%) to the ally at the start of the turn.
  • consecration of steadfastness: A sign of the Vestal Virgin consecration of steadfastness Capability. Affects the position it was cast on.
    • Start of Turn: Add Block (50%) or Dodge (50%).
  • Consecration of Strength+: Start of Turn: Add Block+ (50%) or Dodge+ (50%).
  • agitated: A negative sign for the Hellion when using some skills. Maximum three tokens.
    • -33% DMG per token
    • -3 speed per token
  • pain: Flagellant token when used More! MORE! Capability.
    • Heal yourself for 10% at the end of the next turn
  • pain+: Heal 15% at the end of the next turn
  • conviction: Strengthens vestal abilities
  • Unbridled power: Increases occult skills
    • 33% chance to burn at the start of the round per token
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All Darkest Dungeon 2 Boss Battle Tokens

Some bosses have special tokens for unique attacks they use. You might want to avoid this section if you don’t want to see spoilers on the various hideout or confession bosses.

  • Leviathan – Call of the Deep: Mark the target for Leviathan’s Hand to use Suction
  • Dreaming General – Creeping growth: Adds a stack of clutter. At three stacks it becomes Strangle.
    • Strangle: DoT, hero must use Whispering Darkness skill
  • Taproot – Taproot: Token in response to an attack
    • The floor is moving: Marks heroes as targets for the Dreaming General’s The Waking Dead attack
  • Harvest Child – Harvest Hunger: Forced forward movement one position. Whoever comes first must eat the meat
  • shackles of denial: Each shackle has a different specialty marker
    • Weapon Refusal – Melee attacks are not possible
    • Denial of Reach – ranged attacks are not possible
    • Denial of Fortitude – Healing abilities cannot be used
    • Denial of Reason – Stress healing abilities cannot be used
  • Bubbling sigh – lungs inflated: Indicates that you are preparing for a major attack
  • Focused error – seen: Marks the ally as the target of this particular eyestalk, similar to Taunt

These are the latest Battle Tokens in DD2. They focus on a variety of new abilities for heroes, as well as additional tactics enemies can use.

And that’s the full list of Darkest Dungeon 2 Battle Tokens, Hero Battle Tokens, and Boss Battle Tokens. Now you have a cheat sheet for her effects to use when you don’t want to take a break from fighting. For more strategies on how to defeat these enemies or how to complete specific chapters of a hero’s story, see the rest of our Darkest Dungeon 2 Leader.

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