Darkest Dungeon 2: Fan Favorite Vestal Returns in Suffer No Sin Update

Indie game studio Red Hook Studios has announced the return of the Vestal to the party ranks Darkest Dungeon 2 in the Suffer No Sin update with a Vestal teaser trailer. The update is available now for beta players on the Epic Games Store. The full release of Darkest Dungeon 2the sequel to the hit Lovecraft Rouge-like game, Darkest Dungeon, is slated for May 8th on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

The Vestal is categorized as a healing tank, something players have been clamoring for since the previous lack of a primary healing character. Originally seen as a villain in the early betas, she can be unlocked through the Altar of Hope. Once added to a party, her backstory can be explored in Hero Shrines, including her flashback combat encounters.

With stacking Conviction allowing her to smack enemies, the Vestal can hit the backline and heal party members. Her skill kit includes Sanctuary, Judgment, Divine Grace, Mace Bash, and the new Consecration of Light skill. This allows players to have a dedicated healer that can still deal damage when the party is healthy.

Image by Red Hook Studios

Along with the release of the Vestal Virgin, the “Suffer No Sin” update adds several game fixes, adjustments to hard-to-reach hero objectives, and hero, combat, and item changes. New items are the Assist Spear, Wilbur’s Flag, Bone Hammer, Pig Decal, Locked Cashbox, and Spacious Cashbox. Whether these items need to be unlocked with Glimmer of Hope was not said.

Until then, there is still time for improvements and updates Darkest Dungeon 2 fully releases. The ability to unlock the Vestal Virgin will delight both fans of the franchise and new players.

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Featured image by Red Hook Studios

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