Darkest Dungeon 2: How to Complete the Jester’s Chapter 2 Hero Story

The Fool has one of the most difficult combat sequences in his heroic history ever Darkest Dungeon 2. The Jester fight in Chapter 2 throws you into battle with the goal of winning a duel, but doesn’t offer you any further clues on how to achieve it. Your enemy is a skilled violinist who performs impressively deadly musical attacks. If you’re having trouble completing this chapter, check out our guide below on how to beat the violinist.

Music of the Night: How to Beat the Fool Chapter 2

The heroic story of The Jester’s Chapter 2 is titled Music of the Night and pits you against a fiddler who starts the fight with a verse attack. The gist of this chapter is sticking to the song structure when choosing attacks, and ending up beating the fiddler with a standing ovation-worthy finale. Here’s what should happen after each Violinist attack.

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  • verse: Use the chorus attack
  • Break: Use the bridge attack
  • missteps: The only way to attack is Solo
  • Choir: Use the Verse Attack
  • Solo: Use the final attack

Once you use Finale, the violinist is defeated and you have won the duel.

Chapter 2 reward

As a reward for completing Chapter 2 of the Jester’s Tale, the Harvest skill will be added to the Jester’s set. Harvest deals two to four DMG to two targets in second and third position. It has a 5% critical hit chance and causes 2 bleeds per turn. Also has a 25% chance of inflicting the Combo Marker on enemies. To be able to use the skill after it is equipped, Jester must be in position 2 or 3 during the fight. This is a great ability to hit a cloaked enemy in either position when there is another target next to it.

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That’s all you need to know about the Jester fight in Chapter 2 Music of the Night. For more help in Darkest Dungeon 2Check out our annex Guide book libraryincluding Lair Boss tips and what the new tokens mean.

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