Darkest Dungeon 2: How to Defeat Death

You want to know how to defeat Death when it appears to be attacking your party after a successful battle Darkest Dungeon 2. Death, while not unstoppable in the hunt for the Flagellant, can be difficult to defeat. She has a variety of attacks that she can use to break through both life and deathblow resistances. A difficult chance encounter. Here’s how to defeat death Darkest Dungeon 2.

How to beat death in Darkest Dungeon 2

Since this is a surprise attack, it is difficult to prepare for battle. Death will attack your party to retrieve the Flagellant’s soul, as he has walked the border between life and the afterlife for far too long.

Attacks, debuffs, and moves of Death

These are the main things to look out for when fighting death. We’ll cover them in a bit more detail below.

  • Deathblow resistance debuffs.
  • Can inflict 1 horror and stun the flagellant.
  • Can attack twice in one turn.
  • Can cause stress and bleeding.
  • Creates tombstones for protection.

Upon spawning, she gains several buffs, weakens the Flagellant’s deathblow resistance with Momento Mori, and begins invading your party.

Momento Mori stuns your Flagellant and inflicts 1 Horror on it, rendering it useless for the first turn unless its stun is broken. Death also produces two tombstones not targetabletakes up the space around her.

Death has the ability to attack twice in a turn, using its main attacks to scare and terrify your party. Your aftercare causes stress and bleeding. She moves around the tombstones, making it difficult for heroes like the Leper to damage her when she’s in the back row.

The weaknesses of death

Death’s weaknesses include:

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Though Death seems like an impossible opponent, she has a fairly significant weakness Burn Dot, with only 20 resistance to it. If you’re lucky enough to have Burn Combat Items or the Runaway in your party, you’ll have a much easier time draining their health.

If Burn is not available, rot will work with their resistance at 30. Use your flagellant’s punishment as often as you can.

Bleeding will be difficult to get started as she has a high resistance to it, so if you have higher damage skills these skills will be less of a priority.

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Additional death tips and strategies

You should keep stress down by using every skill at your disposal, including those of the Flagellants Bear. If you have the Fool in your party, use Inspirational melody Every time it is possible to get rid of as much stress and horror as possible. The hardest part of this fight is keeping your party from constantly collapsing.

Once you have death at your own doorstep, attack it non-stop. she has 75 deathblow resistanceso it will take several attacks before you can finally finish them off.

Rewards for defeating Death

As a boss, Death receives a special reward once defeated. Along with two mastery points, you’ll get the Flower of Death. A trinket that can be equipped on any party member. It heals all DoT and removes all negative tokens when you first enter Death’s Door.

How to defeat Death, the random encounter boss Darkest Dungeon 2. Need help with confessions or stash bosses? Check out the rest our DD2 guide library.

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