Darktide Patch #4 — Blessing of the Omnissiah Brings Crafting, Out Now

It’s been a long time coming, but Patch #4 – Blessing of the Omnissiah has finally arrived dark tidebringing the long-awaited crafting system along with a host of other quality of life and balance changes.

FatShark has been applying bug fixes for the past month while also holding onto big changes for this patch, which is the biggest since dark tide Introduced at the end of 2022. Most excitingly, the Shrine of the Omnissiah is now fully functional, allowing for the extraction and application of blessings, while the new Brunt’s Armory section of the Weapons Exchange allows you to purchase specific weapons to upgrade.

dark tideThe gear system was the most widespread complaint from the player base, but with Patch #4 – Blessing of the Omnissiah you can finally minimize your gear and not have to wait for the store to restock to do so.

Gifts of the Emperor have also now been redesigned to be granted upon successful completion of a mission, with difficulty and conditions affecting potential rarity.

Emotes and a lot of balance changes have also been packed into this patch. Check out the full list of patch notes in the FatShark forumsand search more dark tide cover here on GameSkinny.

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