Darktide Rejects Unite Content Drop Happening Monday

Some time has passed since then, dear colleagues Warhammer 40K: Darktide I experienced some significant content loss! All predictions that the first major content drop would not come until summer were wrong: it comes three days before summer, on Monday, May 29th.

The last few months have been a tough time for fans 40K Co-op shooter where developer Fatshark focuses on bug fixes and content quality of life changes. If you played it extensively shortly after it released last year, you probably understand why. With the old gear sourcing and shop systems and the amount of bugs plaguing every aspect of the game, there was no question Dark Tide needed help.

Well it got help. Dark Tide got help from Fatshark for six months. The crafting system has been fully functional for a while and the gear treadmill has been tweaked to feel a lot more rewarding, not to mention the additional weapons that have been added over the past few months. During this time, a lot of bugs were fixed and the Aquila shop remained (rightly) without updates … until next Monday. Cash the Rejects Unite trailer to see what’s coming in full.

come monday Dark Tide will finally receive a content update that will include two new missions, the new cosmetic penance system with new earnable cosmetics, a new monstrosity Chaos Spawn, and the Aquila shop will finally be updated. Did I mention we’re finally getting our first community event with unique rewards? No I have not. But we are and I couldn’t be more excited!

The most exciting are of course the new missions. Dark Tide was in dire need of new content and that was the only reason I put it down a few months ago, just after the 300 hour mark. Those less inclined to re-grind give up much sooner, and their numbers far outnumber the hardcore players who farm Damnation. Dark Tide has been in need of a baby for a long time and hopefully the upcoming Rejects Unite update will bring just that. We have a handful of them Dark Tide Leader here on GameSkinny from around launch, and more to come in the upcoming update.

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