Dead Cells: How to Unlock the Shovel Knight Outfit

The Shovel Knight outfit is perhaps one of the most desirable skins out there dead cells. With the many DLCs the game has, there were literally tons of wardrobe additions to the fast-paced 2D roguelike. If you are here you are wondering how to unlock these digs.

The Shovel Knight outfit (armor?) is one of the most unique skins in the game – there’s even a shovel that can be used as a normal melee weapon to fend off enemies. However, it is not exactly clear how to unlock them dead cells Shovel Knight skin so we’ve got you covered with this guide.

If you’re looking for other outfit guides, we’ve detailed them How to get the commando outfit And how to get the zero outfit.

How to unlock the shovel gun

The first step to get the Shovel Knight outfit is Get the shovel gun. You have to Fight the enemies in the graveyard.

In particular, you must find the swarm zombies, which are dangerous enemies that can spawn corpse flies at will. Kill a lot, because the shovel drop rate is abysmal low, and acquire the shovel blueprint from them.

How to get the Shovel Knight outfit

Once you have the scoop, go to it High summit castle and search the area to find them a painting by Shovel Knight himself. You have to search the whole area and hope you get lucky as it spawns in different places with each run. Be careful while exploring: there are tough enemies here!

Destroy the painting with the shovel weapon and you will get the Shovel Knight outfit.

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And this is how you unlock the Shovel Knight outfit dead cells. You also don’t have to go to the Collector to spend your cells on it. If you are looking for more help with the game or other tips articles, Visit our Dead Cells Guides hub here.

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