Dead Cells: How to Unlock the Zero Outfit

The Return to Castlevania Extension is not the only one dead cells DLC will be released in the last few months and the Zero outfit is one of many elements added to the well-loved roguelike that was released back in 2018. If you are here you are wondering how to unlock these digs.

In 2022 the Everyone is here Pack: Volume 2 introduced a range of crossover weapons and outfits from other indie hits such as hotline miami, shovel knight, risk of rain, And Katana ZEROthe latter brings us the Zero outfit.

But before that, you can use the Zero outfit to disguise yourself as Subject Zero dead cellsyou need to unlock the DLC weapon first Katana ZERO as well as.

How to unlock Hattori’s katana

The Hattori katana weapon can be found in the Stilt Village biome. The Draft is dropped by Weirded Warriors, the sword-wielding crab enemies.

On the off chance that you do get a drop, the Blueprint will let you in Buy the katana from the collector for 60 cells. However, the low drop rate of this rare item means you’ll likely need to grind down the Stilt Village biome over the course of multiple runs to get Hattori’s Katana.

How to get the Zero outfit

After purchasing Hattori’s katana from the Collector, there is one thing you must do to unlock the Zero outfit. Equip the weapon and Kill 15 enemies in a row with the katana’s critical charge without being hit.

For a critical sprint, hold the standard attack button after a hit. You charge in the direction you face, dealing a guaranteed critical damage to every enemy in your path.

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Since this attack has you walking through enemies and leaving yourself vulnerable, it’s easier said than done. We recommend trying this in the prisoner accommodationas it is the first and easiest area of ​​a run.

And this is how you unlock the Zero outfit dead cells, which you can use and wear at any time as you see fit. For more For tips and unlockable walkthroughs, see Gameskinny guide hub for dead cells.

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