Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania — How to Start the DLC

dead cells has proven to be an enduring favorite among rogue-like fans, and the game just got better with the addition of Return to Castlevania DLC. This new officially licensed expansion adds characters and locations from Konami’s legendary series. But before you see this new content, you need to know how to start it Return to Castlevania DLC.

How to start the Return to Castlevania DLC in Dead Cells

On first boot dead cells after buying the Return to Castlevania DLC, you will see a short cutscene with red bats indicating it’s time to return to Dracula’s Castle. If you start with a fresh save, it will play after three playthroughs and unlock the DLC.

Once in the prisoner’s quarters, clear the area and grab any power-ups you can. From there, you’ll have to walk around until you see Judge Belmont standing on a set of stairs. The vampire hunter will tell you to go down the stairs and meet him at the castle edge. This will lead you to the path to the castle rim, which acts as the castle’s hub Return to the Castlevania DLC.

Here you still have access to the Forge and Mutation NPCs. It’s just that the DLC remains self-contained in its levels and content, but character progression counts and works just like any other dead cells run.

Reruns still require you to start at the prisoner’s quarters, and Richter will no longer wait for you there. However, now you know that there will always be an entrance to the castle perimeter in the first area of ​​the game.

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That’s all you need to know about the launch Return to Castlevania DLC one dead cells. Once you know where to go, you can cruise through all the nostalgic new levels and fight iconic battles Castlevania bosses Keep an eye on GameSkinny for more dead cells Leader.

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