Dead Cells: Ribboned Key Location Guide

The castlevaniathematic extension for dead cells is finally here and full of secrets and unlockables, as expected. One of the items that has eluded players so far is the Ribboned Key, which is required to get into a certain secret room in the game. How to get the Ribboned Key dead cells.

One of the greatest charms of Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania DLC update is the inclusion of costumes of all your favorites Castlevania Characters. There are a lot of costumes to collect and discover.

What does the Ribboned Key do?

Obtaining the Ribboned Key will allow you to unlock Maria Renard’s outfit. To enter Maria’s room, you must first find the Ribboned Key, which is located in the Castle Outskirts area.

How to find the strap key

To get the Ribboned Key, go through the Castle Outskirts biome after going to the Prisoner’s Quarters. Watch out for one White cat which jumps down into the area at a certain point. You’ll have to chase the cat around for a while before you can use the in-game Interact button to catch it. Catching the white cat will drop the Ribboned Key, which can be used to open Maria’s room.

The room where you will find Maria is allowed in the Castle Outskirts biome. Since dead cells is a roguelike, Maria’s room is in one of a few predetermined locations in the level. Find her once you’ve acquired the Ribboned Key to free her and her cat, and you’ll be rewarded with that Mary outfit.

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These are the steps you need to take to get the Ribboned Key dead cells: return to Castlevania . For more instructions, go to dead cells how how Unlock the DLCkeep it connected to the GameSkinny guide hub.

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