Dead Island 2: Autophage System Explained

Let’s talk about the autophage system in dead island 2, which means we’re going to be talking about something that contains significant spoilers for the story mode. If you want to go in clean, play through DI2 and come back later. we will be here

Later in the game, you get the chance to equip powerful ability cards that have an added benefit/disadvantage, which is autophages. Autophage cards are some of the best in the game, but you have to give up some of your humanity in return. Here’s what you need to know.

Autophages and You: A Guide to Re-minted Self-Cannibals

At the end of the late-game story mission “The Search for Truth” on Ocean Avenue, you first unlock Autophage, at the same time you finally get access to the Numeric row in your Perk Card menu (below).

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You will receive a tutorial on the subject on site as well as at least one new numeric card, e.g. B. Born Survivor to fill your first slot.

From this point on you can find and unlock skill cards that have the autophage trait, denoted with a small black and white skull icon in your skill card menu.

Autophage cards all have one thing in common: their benefits are pretty good, but they come with a significant downside. A combat skill can inflict a status ailment but consume health, or your Rage mode melee attacks can deal additional damage but cost more Rage.

Whenever you equip an ability card with autophages, you will be boosted by one level in the in-game autophages menu (top bottom right), up to a maximum of three. Like the cards, Autophage has both significant benefits, most of which revolve around your Rage Mode, and increasingly punitive penalties.

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Autophage Tier One

At autophage Tier One, Her toughness takes a flick. In return, killing a zombie will give you a power boost, making it easier to knock enemies over. Your Rage Mode also lasts a bit longer before it expires, and each zombie you kill while in Rage Mode restores a small amount (~5%) of your Rage Gauge, allowing you to stay angry longer.

Autophage Tier Two

At Autophage Tier Two, your stamina meter regenerates more slowly, but killing zombies gives you a short buff that restores your stamina on a successful attack. They also enjoy longer Fury Mode duration and counter regeneration (~8% per zombie kill in Fury Mode) over Tier #1 perks.

Autophage Tier Three

Finally at Autophage Tier Three, you no longer passively regenerate health, and both food and medkits restore significantly less HP. Instead, you get back a much of health (I have 1000+ HP per walker kill on a level 30 Carla) and get a short damage boost when you kill a zombie.

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The duration of your Rage Mode is also significantly increased, and you refill your Rage Gauge by about 10% when you get a zombie kill while in Rage Mode.

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In conjunction with the Anger Mismanagement and Ravenous skill cards, Autophage Tier Three lets you stay in Fury mode for a while astonishing long time. I was in Fury testing for a solid five minutes and only stopped because it was getting boring. This allows you to break through hordes of zombies that could otherwise pose a real threat. In fact, if you’re in almost permanent Fury mode, you may run into a problem where there isn’t one enough Zombies in Hell-A.

Reaching Autophage Tier 3 at any point, even for a few seconds, will unlock the trophy/achievement Beaten down by illness.

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Going on level 3 rage mismanagement / rampage is an easy way to complete the combat challenges Dangerous DNA (Kill zombies while on Autophage Tier Three) and Angry Fighter (kill zombies in fury mode).

However, this isn’t exactly a cheat code. As you’ve probably already noticed, Fury mode lets you deal a lot of damage, but it doesn’t help much against some of the tougher enemies in the game.

Mutators in particular seem to be very resistant to any type of damage you deal while enraged. You can mow down regular zombies by the dozen with Autophage Fury, and even mow down tyrannical crushers and the occasional careless butcher, but you still need to be a little careful.

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Conversely, Dani and Jacob both have low enough health recovery by default to allow them to roll around at level 3 with Autophage, and it doesn’t change their overall game plan. If anything, it’s an improvement over her default stats, as a level 3 zombie kill is worth a 30% heal. As long as you’re fighting hordes and not single targets like named mutators, it’s very hard to die.

At the time of writing, there doesn’t appear to be any major changes to DI2‘s storyline, which includes the autophage mechanic. The tutorial is worded as if there could be unknown drawbacks to sticking with high autophages besides what is listed in the game menu, but if there are any they are yet to appear in an obvious way.

Here’s what you need to know about autophages, a method that allows you to truly embrace violence dead island 2. For less angry but just as brutal tips, check out ours dedicated Guides hub.

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