Dead Island 2: Best Ranged Weapons

If you have the best ranged weapons in dead island 2, then you don’t have to worry about the undead horde getting too close to comfort you. With deadly firepower and amazing perks, you’ll crush enemies in a short amount of time. We select the best ranged weapons DI2 under.

In this list, we’ll look at some unique legendary weapons, as well as specific gun types that perform better than the others. Keep in mind that this is based on our experience playing the game, so you may come up with your own favorites as you progress dead island 2.

The best ranged and firearms in Dead Island 2

body count

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a legendary gun, body count is one of the best ranged weapons in dead island 2. Aside from rapid auto-fire, its mods and perks offer additional rage and AoE bleeding effects.

You can unload your magazine on difficult targets like mutators and butchers, as well as easy zombies so you can watch them and their cohorts melt away in a matter of seconds. Here is how do i get body count in DI2.


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In second place is only body count closeup, a legendary revolver. What makes it particularly unique are its properties that make it burn an explosive bullet instead of a normal revolver shot. The blast can then apply Traumatized to a target and nearby enemies, and successive hits will cause them to fly away to hit others.

This is essentially a grenade launcher in a compact form. Perhaps the only downside is that it only has three rounds. You have to make your shots count or reload in hectic moments. Here is how to get big shot in dead island 2.

Any shotgun or nail gun

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If you don’t have a body count or big shot, either a shotgun or nail gun is the best ranged weapon dead island 2.

shotguns are excellent for melee combat, but are usually replaced by the use of melee weapons. However, if you have decent firearms, like the Red Dragon (bought from the Ocean Avenue dealer), then a shotgun might be worthwhile.

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nail gunshave a faster rate of fire, meanwhile, so you can smack down on an elemental mod to see it continuously deal damage to key targets like apex zombies.

Either way, these are the best ranged weapons in our opinion dead island 2. To learn more about the other powerful endgame weapons, you can visit our Best Melee Weapons Guide. Also more about DI2you can visit our main leads hub.

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