Dead Island 2 Debuts Extended Gameplay Trailer

Indeed, one of the most famous vaporware games of the last decade is coming out this year. Deep Silver released a new extended gameplay trailer to build some hype dead island 2due in less than two months.

The 14 minute trailer displays a selection DI2‘s gameplay, including combat, skill system, weapons, the new rechargeable “Curveball” moves and environments.

In dead island 2, it’s been a few months since the outbreak on Banoi, and now the same zombie virus – a mutation of Kuru – has reached Southern California. You play as one of six characters or “Slayers” still living in the zombie hell that has taken over most of the greater Los Angeles area.

However, as the new trailer points out, just because almost everyone is dead and you’re surrounded by enemies doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with the situation. DI2like the original dead island, is all about one thing in the first place: attaching random bits to household goods to turn them into anti-zombie weapons. Go ahead and electrify that blade; it’s kind of the point.

March 2nd DI2 Trailer introduces some of the additional elements that DI2 has added. The skill trees from the original games have been replaced with a customizable set of skill cards that allow you to add a custom selection of passive and active abilities to your character. These include a Ground Pound, a Heavy Palm Strike, and a number of bonuses for successfully dodging or blocking an incoming attack. Timing is important here, because if you dodge an enemy at just the right time, they’ll set up a bloody counterattack.

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You also get access to what the game calls “Curveballs”. Instead of crafting thrown items like molotovs or zombie bait, they are now readily available with a short recharge timer. In particular, you can use the lure to lure simple zombies to a location of your choice, which you can then electrify, douse with acid, or set on fire.

Image via Deep Silver

dead island 2 will be released on April 21st for PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and the Epic Games Store. The Collector’s Edition (above) comes with a steelbook, an expansion pass, 2 pins, 1 patch, and two packs of special custom weapon skins.

Featured image via Deep Silver

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