Dead Island 2 Guide: How to Get the Krakatoa Legendary Axe

The Legendary Krakatoa Axe is a formidable weapon in dead island 2. As part of the Fire Ax category, it more than lives up to its namesake as well as its classification. Below is how to proceed with our Missing Persons: Steve walkthrough. We will also list the Krakatoa’s mods and perks.

How to get the Krakatoa Legendary Ax in Dead Island 2

To get the Krakatoa Legendary Ax you must completely missed: Steve. This is one of DI2‘s Missing Persons quests categorized as Lost and Found mission. However, this objective doesn’t appear from the start, so you’ll have to progress further in the game before you get it.

Missing Person quests only appear on the board in Ocean Avenue – Serling Hotel Security Zone. There are several of them, and you get three at a time. As such, you must Complete at least six of these tasks from missing: Steve shows up.

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Missing: Steve Quest – Monarch Studios

Here’s what you need to do once you enter the Missing: Steve quest dead island 2. First, track the quest so that markers appear on your map and compass. Next go to Phase 3 of Monarch Studios. Inside, examine the props in the bedroom and kitchen.

If you can’t complete this goal, there is probably another side quest interfering with this task, such as: B. the quest chain for The one legendary sword.

In any case, you must Visit a caravan near one of the other stages. Inside, kill Sergio and take his phone.

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Missing: Steve Quest – Beverly Hills

After you have achieved the above goals, drive to Beverly Hills. You can find Steve on the balcony of his apartment building. He wants you to find three “characters” for his epic saga. These are just different zombies in the area, all marked:

  • villain — Wicked butcher
  • Piece — Inferno Breaker
  • hero — Fireman Walker
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If you see each of these zombies, don’t kill her yet. Instead, lure them one at a time onto Steve’s patio. Wait until you see the prompt to remove them.

After all three targets are dead, Steve gives you your prize. This completes the dead island 2 Missing Steve quest that awards you the Krakatoa Legendary Axe.

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Krakatoa Legendary Ax Mods and Perks

Here are the mods and perks for the Krakatoa:

  • Mod: Superior Melee Incinerator: The weapon deals fire damage and gains a large damage bonus; Consecutive hits apply the ignited effect.
  • Perk: Vampire: Killing a zombie grants a chance to regain health.
  • Fixed Perk #1: Reaper: Hitting an ignited zombie primes the weapon; When Prepared, Heavy Attacks deal bonus Fire and Limb damage (stacks multiple times).
  • Fixed Perk #2: Tear ‘N Sear: Mutilating a zombie creates a pool of burning fuel under their feet.

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As you can see, the Krakatoa has searing effects that emphasize the use of fire damage. With successive hits and mutilations, you unleash an inferno that will consume unwary enemies.

And that’s how you get the Krakatoa Legendary Axe in dead island 2. To learn more about the other powerful endgame weapons, you can visit our Legendary Weapon Center. Likewise, for more information on Hell-A, you can visit our other dead island 2 Leader.

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