Dead Island 2: How to Change Outfits

While there’s lots to do in zombie-infested Los Angeles County, there’s even more fun to be had dead island 2Bonus content from . In addition to special weapon packs, there are also two character packs who come with a unique outfit and weapon. And you will want to know if you can change outfits to stomp through Hell-A in style.

How to change outfits in Dead Island 2

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way to change your outfit in Dead Island 2 right now. In fact, at the time of writing this article, there is no way to access the character packs. A recent post from the official dead island 2 Twitter account announced that the team plans to ship the packs sometime this summer, and the ability to change your outfit will come with those releases.

This caught some players off guard. Although character packs have never been given an exact release window and a previous tweet It was only mentioned that they would be available for download shortly after release, however many had assumed that the character packs would appear alongside the bonus weapon packs already available in the game.

Strangely, both packs can be considered installed on the Xbox version dead island 2but there are no options to access it or change outfits.

What is included in the bonus character packs?

Image via Deep Silver

There are two character packs that are currently being advertised Character Pack 1 – Silver Star Jacob And Character Pack 2 – Cyber ​​Slayer Amy.

  • The first includes the Rodeo Sunset Costume for Jacob, as well The Devil’s Horseshoes Weapon that can be used by any hunter.
  • The second should have it newbie costume as well The Casimir & Julienne Weapon that any hunter can use.
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We’ll update this guide when the character packs are properly released, but hopefully this has cleared up any confusion about how to change outfits dead island 2. If you have additional questions about future content – or are looking for non-outfit tips – like price and what’s included in the expansion passcheck out our growing collection dead island 2 Leader.

Featured image via Deep Silver.

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