Dead Island 2: How to Complete Jo’s Rainy Day Stash Lost & Found Quest

if inside dead island 2‘s beautiful interpretation of post-Zompocalyptic Venice Beach, you might come across the story of Jo, the rumored Dutchman who ran two of the local rental shops, and his attempts to escape from Hell-A before it was too late. Here’s how to find out what happened to him with a walkthrough guide Lost & Found side quest “Jo’s Hideout for Rainy Days”.

Jo’s Rainy Day Stash Lost and Found Walkthrough Guide

The search for Jo’s hiding place begins with the smaller of Jo’s Rentals’ two Venice Beach locations, which is located along the boardwalk west of the Blue Crab Grill. The door is boarded up, but you can get in by breaking the front windows.

To do this without triggering the alarm, Break the yellow panel above the door with a throwing weapon or a shot.

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Inside you will find one button that fits in the adjoining room in the other Jo’s Rentals and an abandoned one smartphonewhich starts the side quest “Jo’s Stockpile of Rainy Days”.

You can now walk east along the promenade to the other, larger Jo’s Rentals branch and find a second phone on the counter. This adds a new journal entry, “Jo’s Beloved Baby,” which comes with a picture of a red pickup truck.

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At this point, the quest becomes a scavenger hunt where you must find the only red pickup truck left in Venice Beach. Luckily, there aren’t too many places it might be, and you might have spotted it before.

Where can I find the red pickup truck?

Go to the parking lot southeast of the Blue Crab Grillwhere Jo’s pickup is standing in the middle of the parking lot with the hood open and visible acid damage on the front.

This triggers a vicious fight as multiple walkers and runners spawn along with a crusher. One of those strays is Jo’s wobbly bodywho drops his phone and keys when killed.

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This fight can get very hectic, so it’s not uncommon for Jo to get caught in the crossfire before you see him. when you play cooperativeremember that quest items like keys and journals are automatically assigned to each player once a player picks them up. So check your inventory if you don’t see Jo’s Drops.

Jo’s phone gives you the third and final journal entry of this quest, “Jo’s Final Farewell”. It doesn’t tell you exactly where to go, but it does treasure chest icon on your in-game map.

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From the Blue Crab Grill, walk east across the street to the alley behind Burger ’66 for Marla’s Tapas and Tacos.

Marla’s is boarded up, but there’s a stack of pallets in the parking lot that you can use to get onto the next rooftop. Only Look for the noticeable bloodstain above the pallets.

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From there, go onto the ceiling of Marla’s seating area and use it to reach Marla’s roof. On the other side of a chain link fence you’ll find a fenced off area with the zombified versions of Jo’s two buddies.

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Be careful not to trigger them Tripwire trap, as it will set the entire roof on fire. Backing off and throwing something at the tripwire’s left anchor point will detonate the oil barrels and water barrels simultaneously. This will put out the burning oil as soon as it ignites, but not before the explosion kills both zombies.

You can now loot the large storage chest in the zombies’ pen for 2,000 XP, a crowbar with the Primed weapon perk (which you won’t find anywhere else for a while), and a new curveball. the electric bomb.

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How to find Jo’s Rainy Day Stash and complete this Lost & Found quest dead island 2. Check out our dedicated for more tips and tricks DI2 leads hub.

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