Dead Island 2: How to Defend, Dodge, Block, and Counter

Know how to do it defend, dodge, block and counter dead island 2 keeps you alive against the zombies and apex enemies ravaging Hell-A. However, the mechanics are tied to specific things like skill cards and abilities, and not all of them are available depending on the build. Also, sometimes a well-timed dodge is better than a block to defend yourself. Here’s what you need to know about defensive actions like dodges and counters.

Dead Island 2: Defend, Dodge, Block and Counter Explained

The Dodge and defend actions In dead island 2 are tied to your ability card loadout and are technically block mechanics. The way you counter is a bit different, and we’ll talk more about that below.

Dodge and block are part of the same card slot and key binding. Therefore, you can only choose one type of defensive action at a time, not both.

These are the controls on each platform:

  • personal computer: Left Alt
  • PlayStation: L1
  • Xbox: LB

Screenshot of GameSkinny

Dodge or Block: Which is Better?

dead island 2The dodge and block mechanics of have their own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Evade gives extra mobility when dodging or moving backwards to avoid incoming attacks. However, you are open to hits from all sides if you’re not careful.
  • blocking you can mitigate melee hits from most zombies from the front. This also works whether you’re using a melee or ranged weapon. However, you will still be hit from behind. Likewise, when blocking, your character will move slowly.

Counter and Stun: Perfect dodges and perfect blocks

Both dodging and blocking will regenerate some of your stamina. Besides, if you Press the button at the right time – just as a zombie is about to attack – you can temporarily stun them.

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You will be able to do this Follow with a counter by pressing the corresponding interaction buttons displayed. A counter will result in a devastating blow with your weapon, likely to kill a weaker enemy instantly.

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Apart from that there is also Apex zombies which can be stunned by various means:

  • Most Apex Zombies will kneel after taking a large amount of damage, allowing you to hit them with impunity a few times.
  • You can cancel the scream screamer by damaging them mid-animation.
  • Butcher’s shop have jump attacks that make them temporarily vulnerable if you manage to dodge or block the hit.
  • mutators have a three-hit combo where the third swing leaves them vulnerable for a few seconds.

Last but not least some ability cards work well with your defense skills and increase your survivability. For example, Safety First regenerates your HP through well-timed blocks and dodges. There’s also Invigorating, which grants extra HP when you’re able to counter your enemies. Find out more in our Guide to the best skill card combos.

These are the basics of defending, dodging, and countering dead island 2. For more information about the game, visit our DI2 leads hub.

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