Dead Island 2: How to Find All Beforetimes Collectible Journals

There is a much of hidden journal entries in dead island 2, some of which are really hard to find. If you want to soak up the full story behind Hell-A, you can find all the diaries here Before header in your collector menu. Broadly speaking, these entries all pertain to life immediately before and right at the start of the “Zompocalypse”.

If you are looking for other journal collectibles in dead island 2follow the links to our other mini-guides, generally divided into categories:

All Ancient Journal locations in Dead Island 2

Lifestyles of the rich and famous: 10

  • #1: Tony the SchemerMission: In Curtis Sinclair’s backyard in Bel-Air, go to the outhouse marked with the powder room sign. You can find this phone on the table in the cloakroom.
  • #2: Tony the Mooch: Once you have completed the Death of the Party side mission, you can open all the doors in Curtis’ mansion. This includes the kitchen where you can find this phone on the island.
  • #3: Llama Milk: In Emma’s house in Bel-Air, enter Michael’s bedroom above the gym to find his to-do list on the dresser.
  • #4: Staked out in Goat Pen Ep. 98: You have to smash a window to get into the podcast studio in the Goat Pen house in Bel-Air, but once you’ve done that you can take it off the desk.
  • #5: Tasmanian Daredevil: The really big, really trashed Beverly Hills house that’s initially swarming with skull-level zombies belongs to Roxanne’s boyfriend, Rikky Rex. Once you’ve been to Venice Beach, Rikky will give you two side quests, the second of which, “The Ballad of Rikky Rex,” involves access to the second floor of his home. This file resides on a phone in his recording studio.
  • #6: Spin Theory: Look for a phone on a forklift in the yard north of the Beverly Hills construction site.
  • #7: Where are you now?: Go into the empty security booth behind Sound Stage 7 on the Monarch Studios lot and check the shelves behind the door.
  • #8: Subject: The incident with Amanda Styles: If you walk around the back of the Long Pork Grill on Ocean Avenue, you can climb onto the roof of the restaurant. Up here is an abandoned observation post with an ammo dump and this file.
  • #9: OSK Customer Service Script: If you unlock the back office of the SKOpe Ocean Avenue branch during “The Quest for Truth”, you will find this file on the desk.
  • #10: Placenta Lasagna: This is in the autophage-covered subway car on the northwest side of the platform in the subway.

Angelus: 3

  • #1: Wedding Invitation: This is clearly visible in the Halperin Hotel lobby next to the ballroom door.
  • #2: Training Plan: Day 3: “Leg Day”: Visit the outdoor gym on east Venice Beach and check out the floor next to the weight benches. This is difficult to see during the day, but is evident at night.

Screenshot of GameSkinny

  • #3: Send the clowns home: That’s hard to find. During Boardwalking Dead, one of the zombies you kill at the Santa Monica Pier may drop the Photo Booth Staff Key. I got it from a Shocking Walker (below).

Screenshot of GameSkinny

Screenshot of GameSkinny

This will allow you to open the door to the Ocean Park Ride photo booth along the south wall of the pier. Grab the phone from the counter as well as the one nearby secret ability card.

Monarch Studios presents: 11

  • #1: Omen to Kill trailerMission: Check out the DVDs on the side table in Emma’s hallway behind the stairs.
  • #2: The Montana Method: After reactivating the sKOpe servers in The Search for Truth, return to Jimmy Montana’s trailer on the Monarch Studios lot and join the conversation the scope on his desk.
  • #3: Friends Without Benefits: Once you enter level 3 in the Monarch Studios lot, turn left, go up the ramp and grab it from the table.
  • #4: Big break: This phone can be found on some furniture in the middle of Heroes’ Journey Lane in the Monarch Studios lot. The trick to getting it is that it’s guarded by several crushers when you first visit this map, so it’s not worth the initial hassle.

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  • #5: Rise of the God Spider: After opening the “Spider Doors” in Sound Stage 7 on the Monarch Studios lot, look out for this script. It’s on a director’s chair in the corner of the jungle set.
  • #6: The badge: Check out the script on the counter in Jimmy Montana’s trailer.

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  • #7: Butter the B—h: Vernon Wong’s trailer is located outside of Sound Stage 7 on the Monarch Studios lot. It’s inside on his couch.
  • #8: Fifty Shades of Mahogany: Look in the pile of discarded furniture on the north side of Save the Cat Walk in the Monarch Studios lot.
  • #9: The hottest toy of the year: DD-09!: Go inside the uncaptioned trailer in the Monarch Studios zombie-free zone and check it out space fox poster on the wall. This is easy to miss during the day as the glow that tells you it’s a collectible blends with the poster.

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  • #10: The Badge: Followers: Go to the closed Burger ’66 on Ocean Avenue and look for the stack of DVDs on an outdoor dining table. While these DVDs are always here, participating in the post-game side quest More Than the Badge will activate them as a collectible audio journal.

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#11: Running Order of Romeros: Go to the Old Dynasty Theater on Hollywood Boulevard and climb the west stairs to find this by the sealed door.

That concludes the Beforetimes Journal tab, but there’s more to do. In the meantime for all your others dead island 2 needs, check out our dedicated advice hub.

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