Dead Island 2: How to Find All Main Quest Collectible Journals

It’s not a real apocalypse without a couple of journals. dead island 2‘s Hell-A is no exception. Here you will find all the notes, sketches, flyers, warnings and ominous last words for you magazine collection during the main quest.

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Dead Letters Office: All Quest Journal Main Locations in Dead Island 2

The main benefit of collecting magazines is that well read exploration challenge. You only need to complete 35 journals to max out Well Read. Your reward for each rank is a small sum of money, with a hidden ability card, Pay It Forward, becoming available at rank 4.

Technically, you can get a total of 36 completed journals DI2 by simply going through all the main, side, and Lost & Found quests. However, there are many backgrounds and stories of the game hidden in the files, especially under the heading “The Truth”.

You can get that too Bookish Trophy/Achievement for collecting 50 individual magazines. Since there are 59 journals between all main and side quests, you shouldn’t have to bother with that.

Many of the lore collectibles related to quests in DI2 are also quest objectives, so you must grab them to progress.

However, there are a few files that you don’t need to get and you may need to backtrack when trying to complete the Well Read Challenge, and at this point they’re a lot harder to find. Hence the following instructions.

Notice that in cooperative gameall journals, keys, and blueprints are added to each player’s inventory once a player picks them up.

Emma desperately wanted: 2

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  • #1: Note on the backgate: Check the piece of paper stuck behind the keyboard on Colt Swanson’s back door.
  • #2: Backgate code: Look at the sticky notes on the cupboard in Colt’s kitchen.

Room service for large bookings: 1

  • #1: Note to the engineerMission: On the second floor of the Halperin Hotel, read the paper pinned to the wall between the elevators next to the utility room.

Oh, Michael, where are you?: 4

  • #1: Flyer for Michael’s class: In Michael’s Beverly Hills living room, read the flyer he left under his television.
  • #2: Mentor of the Year awardMission: Look at the framed certificate on the bookshelf next to Michael’s TV.
  • #3: Jessie’s note: After completing the first round of your investigations in Michael’s living room, check the bulletin board on his kitchen wall.
  • #4: Rolodex Address Card: Jessie KwonMission: Check the Rolodex in Michael’s bedroom.

Kwon with the wind: 1

  • #1: Note on the fridge: After Roxanne drops Jessie’s note, pick it up off her kitchen floor. Wear gloves.
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Authorized zombicide: 1

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  • #1: Phil’s note: After exiting Monarch Studios via the Sound Stage 7 exit towards Beverly Hills, you will find this pinned to the fence in the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Flushed: 1

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  • #1: User Manual: You can reach through the bars to get this clipboard from the locked office next to the Venice Gully grate.

Beach Offensive: 6

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  • #1: Lockdown Instructions: After jumping over the fence into the locked communication yard, examine the destroyed tent and read the piece of paper on the counter.
  • #2: Officer of the Day RosterMission: Go a little further into the tent and pick it up from the table.
  • #3: Weekly report of the country: This is directly opposite the tent of #3.
  • #4: Hiccup’s lucky number: After finding the above 3 files, exit the ruined tent and go to the officer’s barracks next door. Hiccup’s backpack is on one of the bunks and contains this journal entry.
  • #5: Hicks’ birthday photo: Check out the framed photo next to Hick’s bunk.
  • #6: Hicks Dog Tags: After finding all 5 previous clues, you can now track down Hiccup, who was unlucky enough to die in one of the portable toilets. Kill him and he will drop these.

Probing the depths: 3

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  • #1: Hint for BobMission: Go to Bob’s office in the basement of the hotel and grab this from his desk.
  • #2: Security code for the caretaker’s office: This is tricky, and the only clue to its location is the mention that it was hidden where Bob keeps his weed. Look up to discover this file in the channels above Bob’s chair (above).
  • No. 3: Installation plan: After finding the safe code, you can open the safe behind Bob’s desk to get this schematic.

Blood donation: 1

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  • #1: Speech-to-Text Transcript of the CDC Protocol: You will automatically grab this from Project Echo when trying to call Dr. Finding Dorian’s body.

The search for truth: 2

  • #1: Personnel Note: GTFO: You will receive this automatically at the sales counter in the OSK Store.
  • #2: OSK Push Notification – Image File: You will automatically receive this as a clue as to where to go next. Here is the image file, cleaned up and slightly enlarged to make it easier for you to find your way around.

Screenshot of GameSkinny

That’s all the collectible notes, sketches, flyers, warnings, and ominous last words for your journal collection in the main quest of dead island 2. In the meantime, if you have questions about other parts of the game, Check out our dedicated DI2 leads hub.

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