Dead Island 2: How to Find All the sKOpes

Right from the start dead island 2do you think …? Find voice-activated sKOpe computers in most houses in Hell-A. Their server is offline for most of the game, so all they’re good for is making a vaguely pleasant noise. Once you fix that, here are all 25 sKOpes dead island 2.

What are sKOpe units in Dead Island 2?

In the late game story quest “The search for truth” restart the sKOpe network through the OSK store on Ocean Avenue. This has the useful side effect of reactivating all sKOpes in Hell-A, which will now have some specific information for you if you go back to check them all out.

A total of 25 sKOpes are hidden in nine of them DI2‘s 10 cards. 23 of the 25 locations are accessible immediately, or at least at the point in the story where you can interact with them. Two other sKOpes are in houses that are locked unless you complete a few related side quests.

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Talking to a sKOpe will grant you an exclusive journal entry for your collectible menu, including all 17 entries in Word of the Day. In this way you can complete more magazine collections for the well read Exploration Challenge, although in at this point dead island 2You’probably get the 50 magazines you need the bookworm achievement/trophy.

More importantly, some of the most action-critical journals in the game are kept on the sKOpes, including most of the entries kept in the “The Truth” section of your collectibles menu. If you’re looking for more lore on the outbreak that killed dead island 2‘s Los Angeles, you want to speak to the sKOpes.

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OK Constant: Where to Find All sKOpe Units in Dead Island 2?

Here’s a complete list of all sKOpes in the game, organized by zone.

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Bel Air

  • Curt Swanson’s living room on the first floor.
  • The coffee table by Emma Jaunt.
  • Curtis Sinclair’s study (after completing “The Death of the Party”).
  • under the TV near the kitchen in the goat pens house.

Halperin Hotel

  • At the reception in the lobby.
  • On a table in the civil evacuation baggage check area, just outside the front door of the hotel.

Beverly Hills

  • In Farouk’s house, under the TV on the first floor (after completing Resurrect the Rex).
  • In the house with the blue roof west of Michael Anders’ house, on a dresser in the master bedroom.
  • In the villa under renovation, on the bedside table in the master bedroom
  • In the control room of the sewage treatment plant.
  • On the second floor of the military treatment facility, on the desk in the office.

Monarch Studios

  • Jimmy Montana trailer.
  • Kelli Jo Longteig’s trailer.
  • Trailer by Alesis Hernandez.

Venice Beach

  • On the counter at Burger ’66.
  • Inside Rodriguez’s lifeguard tower, on the kitchen counter at the bottom of the stairs.
  • Inside the Venice Autos garage office.

Ocean Avenue

  • At the reception of the Serling Hotel.
  • In the Silver & Steel back office at the Lotusville Mall.
  • In the 24LA News conference room on the 2nd floor.
  • On the desk in the server room of the OSK store.

Santa Monica Pier

  • On the desk in the Lifeguard HQ tower.
  • Inside the Funland Arcade office.

The subway

  • On the shelf in the zombie-free utility room.

Hollywood Boulevard

  • On the desk in the back room of the Re-Aging Clinic.

There you will find all interactive sKOpes dead island 2 and complete your diary collection in the game. Check out our dedicated for more tips and tricks DI2 game hub.

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