Dead Island 2: How to Find All The Truth Collectible Journals

The Zompokalypse happened for a reason. Find out why LA became dead island 2‘s Hell-A by examining the collectable journals under the heading of The truth. Here you can find every single one of them.

These files all deal with part of the actual story behind the Los Angeles outbreak, which means that this guide is about that light spoilers.

Many of the files in this category are found through conversations with the sKOpe units found throughout LA. while you can find skopes Already in Bel-Air, they’re all useless until you reactivate the network during the Ocean Avenue story quest, The Search for Truth. That triggers a scavenger hunt where you can step back through the game to collect increasingly spooky revealing files by talking to sKOpes.

If you are looking for other journal collectibles in dead island 2follow the links to our other mini-guides, generally divided into categories:

All the locations of the truth journal in Dead Island 2

Autophage: 9

  • #1: LA Evac: Driver’s Handbook: On your first visit to Venice Beach, step out of the sewers into a crowded parking lot full of city buses. From the manhole, go straight and turn right towards the bus with the door open and pick up the clipboard inside.
  • #2: Processed meat: During Boardwalking Dead, look southwest on the Santa Monica Pier for a plaque on the ground in front of the Pier Grill. If you’ve reached the bucket of fish, you’ve gone too far.

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  • #3: The internal infection: During the “Blood Donation” after you get the blood sample, you can find it on a crate by the wayside when you go out on the beach at the pier.
  • #4: The Mighty Bundy: Read the board at the lifeguard headquarters on the pier, near the fast travel point.
  • #5: HK1: After The Quest For Truth, return to the Goat Pen house in Bel-Air and talk to the sKOpe located in front of the TV near the kitchen.
  • #6: B-03 Urgent requestMission: After “The Quest for Truth”, go back to the arcade on the pier and talk to the sKOpe in his office.
  • #7: B-14 reporting: Look for an abandoned phone in the blue lifeguard station on the beach south of the pier.
  • #8: The Book of Flyboy: When you first hit the street on Hollywood Boulevard, turn around and take a second look at the dead pilot next to the helicopter to find his flight log.
  • #9: Apex variants: It may have been overlooked at the time, but this can be found on the floor during the final major battle in Hollywood Ending.

Word of the day: 17

As mentioned above, these journals are not available until you reactivate the sKOpe network.

  • #1: DisasterMission: Talk to the sKOpe on the coffee table in Emma Jaunt’s living room in Bel-Air.
  • #2: Precession of the equinoxesMission: Talk to the sKOpe on the multimedia case on the wall in Colt Swanson’s living room in Bel-Air.
  • #3: Viracocha: You must have completed the side quest “The Death of the Party” to gain access to this sKOpe, located on the mantelpiece in Curtis Sinclair’s study. (No, his other learn. Why does Curtis have two chimneys?)
  • #4: Corrosive: This sKOpe is on one of the tables in the military evacuation area in the Halperin Hotel. When you are in front of the hotel front door, turn left before the stairs.
  • #5: Euthanasia: Talk to the sKOpe at the Halperin Hotel reception.
  • #6: SymbiosisMission: Return to the Water Treatment Plant in west Beverly Hills and talk to the sKOpe unit on the counter in the gate control room.
  • #7: QuarantineMission: Talk to the sKOpe on the desk in the office on the second floor of the Military Research Facility in downtown Beverly Hills.
  • #8: Noah’s Ark: West of Michael’s house in Beverly Hills, you’ll find an open empty house with a blue roof. His scope is on a dresser in the corner of his second floor bedroom, in the same room as the Divine Mindlessness Journal.
  • #9: Geomagnetic Reversal: Complete “Resurrect the Rex” in Beverly Hills to get the key to Farouk’s house. His sKOpe is under the TV in his living room.
  • #10: Deluge Myth: Check out Kelli Jo Longetieg’s sKOpe in her trailer on the Monarch Studios lot.
  • #11: Pole Shift: This sKOpe is located next to the bed in Alesis Hernandez’ trailer on the Monarch Studios lot.
  • #12: Heliosphere currents: At Burger ’66 in Venice Beach, jump on the counter and talk to the sKOpe.
  • #13: Eschaton: Talk to the sKOpe at the Serling Hotel reception.
  • #14: GodMission: On the first floor of the Lotusville Mall, crawl under the Silver & Steel security shutter and talk to the sKOpe in the back office.
  • #15: OSK: During or after Scooped!, enter the LA24 offices on Ocean Avenue and speak to the sKOpe in the second floor conference room.
  • #16: AutophageMission: Talk to the sKOpe at Lifeguard Headquarters by the pier.
  • #17: Chthonic: The last sKOpe you need for this collection is next to the fast travel point in the Metro, on a nearby shelf.
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OK, constant: 5

The first 3 journals in this category are all crucial for understanding dead island 2‘s action. I guess you’re only supposed to find them after you’ve completed the story.

Four of the five files here are not available until the sKOpe network is secured as described above.

  • #1: Phew!Mission: Return to the Beverly Hills construction site master bedroom and talk to the sKOpe on the bedside table.
  • #2: KrishnaMission: In Rodriguez’s Lifeguard Tower in Venice Beach, go to the first floor kitchen to find a stove on the counter.
  • #3: Autophage Aftermath: Venice Autos on east Venice Beach has a sKOpe in the office in his garage.
  • #4: Voice TranscriptMission: Talk to the sKOpe on the desk in the back of the Re-Aging Clinic on Hollywood Boulevard.
  • #5: Read safely only once: This is in the secret lab behind the Re-Aging Clinic on Hollywood Boulevard, on the desk in the operating room.

That’s it for all The Truth Journals in dead island 2. Check out any other tips or tricks you need in Hell-A here our dedicated guide hub.

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