Dead Island 2: How to Get Curtis’ Safe Key

In dead island 2, if you take the time to rescue Curtis Sinclair from the remains of his garden party, he’ll tell you to get whatever you want from his mansion. This includes the contents of the mysterious locked safe in his wine room, but how do you open it? You need to find Curtis’ vault key.

How to open Curtis’ valuables safe in Dead Island 2

Come in early DI2can you find Curtis in the side quest “The death of the party‘ emanating from his intercom along Alpine Drive. Since he’ll call you as you walk by, this is a hard-to-miss side quest.

Your rewards from the quest include a golf club with the Lightweight perk, giving you a faster swing, and Curtis’ house key. This gives you an overview of his estate and all the goods locked within it, such as: Weapon perks blueprint.

However, if you look inside Curtis’ wine storage room, you’ll find out Curtis’ valuables safethat your house key cannot open.

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This is one of the first examples of what dead island 2 shouts a “locker‘ which is part of several trophies/achievements and challenges such as: Jumbo Keyring.

As your map tells you when you hover over the locker icon, a zombie with a unique name somewhere in Hell-A holds the key to Curtis’ vault. If you want what’s inside, you need to track down this zombie. Luckily, you don’t have to go too far out of the way, although it will be a while before you see it.

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The named zombie you need is Crystal the Lawyer, a screamer that spawns in Curtis’ backyard at night. In my two runs through dead island 2she kept appearing when I returned to Emma during the Saddle Up for Santa Monica story quest.

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A unique zombie, Crystal doesn’t have any special abilities that normal screamers don’t, but she does have significantly more health. Like all Screamers, she also summons other zombies as reinforcements and enrages them, making them move and attack faster.

This can be an uphill battle if you go in unprepared, but you don’t have to do it right away either. You can circle around Curtis’ manor for now and take on Crystal when you’re ready; Once she spawns, she stays roughly in the same place until you kill her and take her key.

After her defeat, Crystal drops typical Screamer loot and Curtis’ vault key. You can use this to open Curtis’ valuables safe, which contains a randomly generated weapon. In this case, when I went back to open the safe at level 27, I got a heavy revolver of the same level with the High Impact perk already built into it.

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Completing The Death of the Party also allows you to accept Curtis’ later side quest, Creature Comforts, which has some nice rewards, including the Goat Pen master key.

How to find Curtis’ vault key dead island 2 For more tips on navigating Hell-A, check out our dedicated Guides hub.

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