Dead Island 2: How to Get Skill Cards

In contrast to the original dead island 2 does not have a traditional skill tree. Instead, you can find and equip a variety of them ability cards throughout the game that will give you a variety of specific bonuses when equipped. How to find skill cards in DI2.

How to unlock and collect skill cards in Dead Island 2

You get your first skill card at level 2 during Desperate Search for Emma in Bel-Air, which also allows for blocking or dodging depending on the character. The ability card feature is fully unlocked when you reach level 3 at the beginning of Bel-Air Brawl.

Every time you level up you get a new skill card slot, a new skill card, or occasionally both into one maximum 15 card slots at level 30. A few more skill cards or slots are automatically awarded when certain game features are unlocked, or as rewards for story quests.

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The order in which skill cards are obtained while leveling depends on which Slayer you are playing, and a handful of skill cards are exclusive to Ryan/Carla, Amy/Bruno, or Jacob/Dani.

You get the majority of ability cards DI2 can be found simply by leveling up, and from time to time you will also get an extra slot to equip your cards. You don’t get all of the available card slots until level 30, at which point you’re probably at or near the finale of the story.

This also means that you meet all the requirements for the heart of cards Exploration challenge simply by reaching level 30. Rank 4 only requires 35 cards and between quest rewards and level unlocks a level 30 Slayer could have 58 without even trying.

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Skill Card Categories

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Skill cards can be roughly divided into 5 categories:

  • Innate Cards are unique to a specific Survivor and cannot be lost, traded, or discarded. Their effects can sometimes be replicated, but the original cards are one for one character.
  • Capability Skill cards special make possible an active ability. This allows you to switch between dodging and blocking. jump kick and drop kick; War Cry, Ground Pound and Dash Strike; and several special attacks that you can only use during you are in Fury mode.
  • survivor And Hunter Maps are broadly speaking of via passive buffs. Survival maps are more based on defense and recoveryduring Slayer maps change yours Damage output and attack, but there is an overlap between the two.
  • God Tickets are only available relatively late Game, after a specific story quest on Ocean Avenue. talk about them in in more detail is a bit of a spoiler, but generally numeric cards are some of the most powerful you can equip. Handle with care.

A relatively small number of ability cards can be obtained as rewards from certain side quests, as drops from certain ones Types of Apex Infected, or are hidden in various obscure locations in Hell-A. You can reference our list of DI2 skill cards here to learn more about them.

How to get Skill Cards dead island 2. For more tips and tricks on how to beat back the zombie horde in Hell-A, be sure to check back our official dead island 2 leads hub.

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