Dead Island 2: How to Get the Blood Rage Legendary Dagger

The Legendary Bloodfury Dagger is a good option for melee combat in dead island 2. It offers you fast attacks that apply the bleed status. Below we explain how to get it, guiding you through the Fool’s Gold quest and telling you where to find each note and the buried safe. We also list the mods and perks of the weapons.

How to get Blood Rage legendary dagger in Dead Island 2

To get the Blood Rage legendary dagger dead island 2do you have to Complete the Fool’s Gold quest. This mission comes from a unique crusher zombie in the Santa Monica Pier.

From Lifeguard Headquarters fast travel point, go inside the facility and you will discover a Crusher named Dante. If it hasn’t spawned yet, you may need to complete the campaign like other legendary weapons can.

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After killing Dante, Pick up the note and open Randy’s locker. It’s in the same building near Dante. From here you need to collect two more clues in this zone.

Once done, you can go to a specific location to open a chest. See the map below for the locations of the notes. One is in the extreme northeast of the map, while the second is in the southwest near the edge of the pier.

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Fool’s Gold Note #1 Location: Meeting of the Minds

Go to the amusement park area and go to the other side of the ferris wheel. There you will see one ice cream parlor with clown logo. At the back of this store is a bank with the note.

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Fool’s Gold Note #2 Location: Error in plan

Exit the theme park and head to the boardwalk and street shops on the opposite side of the zone. At the end of the street you will see the carousel yogurt shop. Check the small alley on the side to pick up the second note.

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Fool’s Gold Buried Safe Location

Go back to Lifeguard Headquarters building and check the side that is close to the wall. There you will see over a dozen zombies appear, including a butcher. Eliminate them all and you can open the half-buried safe. This completes the dead island 2 Fool’s Gold quest that earns you the legendary Bloodfury Dagger.

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Blood Rage Dagger Mods and Perks

Here are the mods and perks for the Blood Rage Legendary Dagger:

  • Mod: Superior Melee Punctuator: Deals bleeding damage and grants a large damage bonus; Consecutive hits apply the bleed effect.
  • Advantage: Agile: Killing a zombie grants a small agility boost; can be stacked multiple times.
  • Fixed Perk #1: Stab Wound: Critical hits in rapid succession grant bonus critical damage and bleed damage; can be stacked multiple times.
  • Fixed Perk #2: Contagious: Hitting a zombie causes additional bleeding damage; also causes nearby enemies to bleed.

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The Blood Rage Dagger certainly has its uses. Its minimal range makes it ideal for single-target combat (it’s a dagger, after all). However, the bleed status effect can spread, allowing you to hit an opponent multiple times and then retreat to watch nearby enemies drain their HP.

How to get the Blood Rage Legendary Dagger in dead island 2. To learn more about the other powerful endgame weapons, you can visit our Legendary Weapon Center. Also more about dead island 2you can visit our Main page of instructions for DI2.

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