Dead Island 2: How to Get the Bodycount Legendary Rifle

The Legendary Bodycount Rifle is a powerful weapon to have within you dead island 2 Arsenal. It offers you vicious rapid-fire abilities alongside the bleed status effect. Below we explain how to get it by taking you through the Redacted quest and telling you where to find the cargo containers. We will also outline the weapon’s mods and perks.

How to get Legendary Bodycount Rifle in Dead Island 2

To get the Bodycount Legendary Rifle inside dead island 2do you have to Complete the Redacted quest. This quest can be started at the Quonset Cabin on your left as you enter the Venice Beach Military Barracks.

There you will see a zombie with a unique name. He will leave a message once he’s dead. If you can’t find him in the building, you may have to complete the campaign first, as can happen with other legendary weapons.

Your next tasks involve searching three shipping containers in Venice Beach, all of which have a clue that will lead you to the weapon. You can refer to the following map:

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Where to find all cargo containers in the edited quest

Container #1: Beach – 78

The first container (#78) is right on the beach. From the Quonset Hut, check the landing area where you will see a bunch of Burster mobs. You can hop on some crates to reach the nearby ledge and drop down to an opening.

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Container #2: Tower – 58

After getting the note on the shipping container, go to the radio tower northwest of the barracks. At the back of the tower in the same courtyard you’ll find the next container (#58). Kill all the enemies here to open it and grab the note inside.

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Container #3: Corpse Disposal Pits – 66

To do this, go through the radio tower and take the extreme exit that leads to the disposal pits. Check the back and hop over the electric discharge. Inside you will find a box with the item. That’s the end of it dead island 2 Blackened quest that awards you the Bodycount Legendary Rifle.

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Bodycount Rifle Mods and Perks

Here are the mods and perks for the Bodycount Legendary Rifle:

  • Mod: Superior ranged dotter: Deals bleeding damage and grants a large damage bonus; Consecutive hits on a zombie grant the bleed effect.
  • Perk: Tactical reload: Killing a zombie grants a moderate reload speed boost.
  • Fixed Perk #1: End Wound: Hitting a zombie grants a chance to deal bleed damage to nearby enemies.
  • Fixed Perk #2: Bloodthirsty: Killing a zombie grants a moderate damage bonus and additional rage.

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As you can see, the Bodycount Legendary excels at mid-range combat. As an automatic rifle, you can rip apex zombies apart with ease, increase the bleed effect, and hit other enemies via its AoE proc.

And that’s how you get the Bodycount Legendary Rifle in dead island 2. To learn more about the other powerful endgame weapons, you can visit our Legendary Weapon Center. Also more about dead island 2you can visit our Main center for Hell-A leaders.

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